Tuesday, April 13, 2010

internship part 1

week1 day1: happy~

officially today..i started my internship at Malaysia Airlines System..yey!!

: on the way to kelana jaya..jam!! :

: 444.4 :

: my id to the acedemy :

: agreement n my id form..hoho :

at 6.30am today i started my journey as an intern..i purposely went there early because eda said the traffic will be super jam..so it is true..i reached Kelana Jaya at 8am..just nice for me to calm my nerves and set foot on the building of Malaysia Airlines Academy..1st thing out of my mouth..wow! suddenly felt like i would later try apply for pilot...haha..the hospitality is superb! even the stewardess i met in the toilet greeted me..how lovely~ after signing the agreement so that i will behave all this 3 months..pn khadijah to head for KLIA..so i went there..arriving at 10am..luckily pn khadijah didnt say the time i should arrive there..so i stop at the petronas near f1 circuit for refueling the car's tummy any my also my own..hoho..super hungry..but i just had bread..huhu~

: my daily pass to klia..but i will be getting my very own id by next week..yipee! :

my supervisor for the next 3 months will be en saharuddin & en zaharuddin aka en din..from the briefing he gave me..i will be doing electrical works and maintenance..plus the fact that i will be taken to everywhere! i am super happy! hehe~

work end at 5.30pm~

cant wait for tomorrow! ^_^

schuzyy is happy and excited~

week1 day 2: boring~


opss..i miss an entry..hehe..i wanted to update last night but i went somewhere to cure my boredom..hehe~

so here what i did yesterday:
morning: due to another trainee supervisor's visit I was told to wait and look at drawings the whole day..huhu..yes i said THE WHOLE DAY! huhuu..super bored..my my supervisor said i need to familiarize myself with those drawing because i told them i didnt have any exposure with any before..haha..suit me right..haha..internet was super slow..so i was alternating internet with those drawing..actuallt those drawing are from Hanger 6. this is the latest hanger MAS completed..the construction has been completed last 2 years but till yesterday the inspection is still going on as mr SV said the warranty still valid till this year so they need to inspect it from time to time..i really hope i can go there someday..hehe..mr SV said i can..so..just waiting n wait n wait~

so here's some picture from yesterday~
: list of my colleagues:

: MAS mag just for staff..hehe :

: my work space..cool rite..hehe:

: drawingssss..this file is only volume 1 of 3..i repeat 3~ :

: one of the drawingssss :

ok..thats all for yesterday's update..hehe~

schuzyy was bored!!! more work pleaseee! ^_^

week1 day 3: yey! finally!


i am really happy today..happier than yesterday for sure! yesterday was a bored day but today i get the point..they are trying to balanced thing maybe..haha..yea rite..yesterday i was told to stare at the drawings because today i was taken to almost all the building in MAS complex..yey! and i got to see few MAS airplanes! hoho..finally! ok2..i put it in detail~

8.00am: arrived at MAS complex~

9.00am: berguru with en yusuf bout interior designing and processes involved..gosh..didnt know interior designing need to think bout all sort of things..en usop said..they, designers are mad with eric leong because he didnt really do interior designing..it is all interior deco..so the program name..deco with eric does make sense to me..hoho..so no argue from me there..but i do like it when he said i can too see him design later if he got project..hope he will! :D

11.00am: en azhar asked if i want to follow him to the complex do auditing for maintenance..so i followed! hehe..and we went to the hanger! saw few plane..saw a new plane assembled..so much fun..an mr azhar is from kedah...very near to my house! hehe..and plus..he is badrul muhayat look-alike..hehe~

12.30pm: mr sahar brief me bout KLIA power systems..and because i woke up at 5am this morning..i was half awake listening to his talk..huhu..sorry sir..i promise i will drink more nescafe tomorrow..erk~

3.00pm: mr mokhtar called to ask me whether i want to follow him to hanger 6..of course i want!! hehe..another hanger! yey! more plane for me! he showed me the hanger, the cafe (where like 20 plane crews were curiously watching me passing here n there..haha..*blush2 ^_^ then he balanje drink while he explained bout the system..

5pm: went back to admin building with a promise to go to cargo area after i got my airport pass..yey!! i want to see animal hotel! ok..i am forgetting my main purpose doing practical..hehe..

i love the working surrounding there..every tuesday and friday there will be ceramah at the surau..good for the souls~

oh..tomorrow i will be attending a safety briefing to make the MAS pass..so not expecting anything much for tomorrow~

thats all...updates for today~

my camera,Oly fell today..so no pictures will be added until repaired..which wont be happening till i got next month's allowance..huhuhu..poor my Oly~

~schuzyy was happy to see planes but sad when her Oly broke beyond repair T_T

week1: wrap-up~


so sorry..i missed yesterday's entry..huhu..so not me..promise that wont happen again ^_^

week1 day 4: half boring day~

wednesday..hmm..k ina had fever so she was absent and the day felt so quiet..huhu..luckily k ina told me earlier to get the pass done..so at 9.30am..k shima asked abg kamal to send me to the site office where the safety briefing took place..so i went there for 2 hours..listen to aviation safety briefing..then i headed to the cashier to pay rm17 for the MAS pass..then went to the security department to do the pass which happened to ready on the spot..haha..and now i have a MAS id! yipee! i will scan the id later..huhu..camera still in the drawer..waiting to be fixed..sad~

then later that evening en sahar asked if i want to follow him to hanger 5 to check on air-cond problem..but it wasnt my field but i followed anyway since i have nothing to do in the office..went there with mr sahar n abg maswan..along with fikri the mfi trainee..and a contractor..the problem was complained by an office which didnt have sufficient cool air...so they decided to open the main duct and branch it to the office. ok i wasnt so sure bout the terms..hehe..but now i know bit more bout air-conditioning system..hehe~

right after that me, en sahar n maswan went back to our office. the rest of the Property team have their meeting with Subang's team untill 6.30pm..and i went back at 5.30pm like always~ ^_^

end of day 4~

week 1 day 5: transformer tragedy~

today, i arrived bit late..i am now unsure what gender am i since i hate female drivers so much..how could u drive at a double line road with 40kmph? omg omg..and its friday! i wont mind if its weekdays..its working day ok..and to me..who need to travel 42km on a single journey every morning will need the speed to arrive on time..haish..yes..the journey from bangi to LCCT is 42km..that means i travel 84km each day to work and back..huhu..5 days equal to journey back to aloq staq..omg!

ok2..back to main point..i arrived in the office around 8.45am..hehe..5 min late...hehe..then k ina told me they have problem up with the transformer at the main intake..gosh..my luck! hoho..then en din came in..he told us that the tranformer burst so i can join them since that is my field! hoho..yes it is!! so then o followed him to the Bukit..it is a 3 phase transformer..and that was my first time to see one..and it was big! the red phase coil burnt so they need to replace the whole thing..and i get to see THAT happened! ahaaa..alhamdullilah..i was quite worried if they have nothing out of the ordinary..haha..so it happened..not that i'm happy tragedy happened to them..but these kinda good for my report..hehe..oh..and today i get to see how they set up the stand generator set..hoho..new thing~

what i learn today..apart from power thingy..i learn that later i need to work with MEN..huhu..which is a BIG problem to me..i am trying hard not to let the shyness out..i try to act normal..like i wont mind being with them..in that office we have 25 staff including the bosses..yes bosses..they have 2 parts with 2 different bosses in one office.and there are only 3 women..but this is the field i chose..so bare with it..what can i expect? its engineering azy! so i am learning the reality of engineering environment..thats what i learnt this week

with that i wrap-up week 1 activity..yipee!!!

schuzyy's week 1 concluded~

week2 day1: drawings~

more drawings for me since both managers and sv were busy with their work..so i was given more drawings..so monday was office day..

week2 day 2: assignments!!!!

ok..morning i was bored like monday..then i went to en yusof..then suddenly he said..what if u try this..he assign me an assignment..it was actually just a single line diagram..but since i havent learn the rite way to do so..so i have so much trouble..which i think has jeopardize UNITEN's name there..so sorry uniten..i am trying my best here..so i ask mr raflee and hj radzi for consultations..so i am now understand bit more on the process..thank God en yusof told me to do that...haha

then in the evening..en sahar gave my 12 weeks schedule..so much excitements there!! hoho..cant wait for my MAHB's pass then i can go to the cargo area..hoho..cant wait to see animal hotel!!! haha~

but the surprise and scare are for assignments..they were all working-like..so i fear i cant do them good..huhu..scared~

haish..go azy go!!! yosh!!! ^_^

schuzyy got assignments~


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