Sunday, April 25, 2010

internship part 3~

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

week3 day 1: tired~


its a rainy n cloudy its practically lazy and sleepy day..but without my nescafe..i endured such a tiring day..

9.00am: mr kamal brought me to custom department to do the fcz pass..then rite after the business there settled..i almost missed mr mokhtar, the chargeman..then i asked him where he's heading..then he said..cargo!!! yey! en mokhtar.nk ikot boley? sy dh de fcznye pass! he said..boleh2! yes!!!

so mr mokhtar, his assistant, alif and i..headed to the cargo bilding..hehe..not as i expected.. i was expecting hi-tech humongous building..but to my was just buiding..with offices..they only handle the cargo from far..the cargo will be taken care somewhere else..where i have no access to..sad~ but then en mokhtar showed me the Animal picture..forgot to bring the camera again..huhu..sad..the hotel was not like human hotel..just the fact that it would cost people like me a pocket! haha..even the canine and cats rooms are called suite..with air-conditioner mind u! seriuosly! well..i am amaze how much a man can love its pet..claps for them~

then mr mokhtar received a call..there were few trips around the we attend it..few of the places was just  normal tripping..and the weird case office at cargo B building reported we went to the office to check..nothing on the we check the meter board..omg! the yellow phase cable burned..and mr mokhtar said..if the cable touches the body of the would definitely explode! omg! yes..i came to the i followed them alarming all office in the buiding..about 10 of them..telling then to switch off their computers so that later when we turn off the main data would be lost..i was so was not so amazing but to me it was somthing very at mokhtar told me to switch the main power i did.yes! haha..then they re-wire back the cable..ok..its wasnt so hard..think i can do it myself next mokhtar told his assistant to do most of the as a faithful after re-wiring mokhtar switched on the main power back..then we received another call from hanger we went was a complaint made a year ago..a repeating problem i mr mokhtar said..this is big..they need to open up each 12 lights which are 3 meters above he advised the reporter (erm..the guy did the report)  to email property department..because such case will need contracter to after that we headed back to the mokhtar asked k ina to do another letter for me allowing me to go in the apron area..yes u read correct..apron is the landasan for the plane..haha..airways maybe more known to next time..i need to pay rm1 if i want to follow them to the cargo that they dont have to send me first then drive way me spend another ringgit? huhu...even a ringgit sound big when in a financial crisis like this..huhu..cant wait for the allowance!!!

so here are some of the pictures from today~
: u can get this in MAS flight..but i get this for free in the office..hoho :

: this will allow me in the thought of letting plane run me over? can do~ :

: i will need to come here if i wanted the apron pass..with a ringgit..huhu :

: with these i am allowed in the cargo area..minus the apron..wuwuu :
i will receive my pass on wednesday..yes!

so thats all for today~

schuzyy need some sleep now..oink2 ^_^

week3 day 2: reading~


tuesday: nothing much done..i spend the day reading on how to do single line diagram for the 4th floor assignment by mr yusof..gosh its hard..hard for me who didnt really learn that in i need to flip my GMI's notes back..and with some help for my brother's notes..hehe~

i met mr md noor yesterday, chargeman for facilities maintenance building at the KLIA terminal. he told me to go to his place because its somewhat the same with the complex only in smaller today after getting my MAHB pass i will going there by shuttle..hope i will learn more there..yosh!!!

schuzyy is trying hard!! yosh!!!

week3 day 3: free commercial zone (FCZ)



en kamal promised to take me to the custom building to take my FCZ i waited for him..he was in early that day..but en din asked him to him for a round..just a monthly spot check i they goes..and i waited in the office..then en zaflee asked me to follow him to the Engineering Central Store o survey on the lighting system..i need to count and report back to en din bout the lights..and to our total of 102 lights only 8 are working finely..others..either they have blown bulbs or broken housing. so they decided to put the job on tender. i'm guessing a lot of work there..then..back to the office~

around 11am..they came back..and en kamal took me for the pass..and 2nd pass~
: again ignore the pic.. =_= :

: weehoo..but these will be surrender on 25th june..sad :

so after thanking en kamal for taking me there, supposedly i go to FMB, flight management building..but i told mr md noor i will go there the next i sat there..finishing my report on the lighting at ECS to submit to mr zaflee and en din. done..and i continue with my readings on i read on short circuit clearer now~

schuzyy cant wait for another adventure!

week3 day 4: flight management bulding, FMB



at 9am, i rushed downstairs for the feeder shuttle to FMB, yea! today..another adventure! finally~

arrived at FMB in 20min..gosh..didnt know klia and lcct quite far..then i search for Property department...after asking a cleaner lady, and she showed me gladly (still have my charms with cleaners like they say..haha~) so..there it department..i was told that they have on 3 MAS staff there plus 3 vendors whom will help with the complaints..and to my anxiousness..i was told that the only women is k ramlah..and she was on medical leave women around..thats scary..i thought..then as i entered..i saw 3 men..1st was mr md noor, the charge-man i met the other day..relieved~ and another 3..introduced as adnan, shah and sofaruddin..after some introduction with them, the building supervisor cum boss at Property FMB asked me to join him for i did..along with en md noor..summarized..there do everything there..from complaints to requests, from electrical works to i am amazed they have only 7 people working there..the area they handle includes the FMB, ticket conter, the link-bridge connecting FMB to terminal, 3 golden lounges and satellite which placed 1st class golden lounge which i am really really really looking forward to set foot in ^_^

then en md noor ask adnan to show me around..he took me to the HT,LV rooms, few others maintenance related rooms and the terminal..
: motor for the lifts:

: 2 transformer in HT room :

: schematic diagram of HT/LV in FMB :

: HT room :

: genset room :

: the genset :

: AHU room:

: link-bridge..only those with MAS pass can access..and yes i can get in thru here with my pass!! yea!! ^_^ :

: insulation tester to check if there are any leakage on wiring:

so thats basically all i learnt at FMB~
en shah of FMB has asked my supervisor, en sahar if i can extend my stay there at FMB..and he said..yes..if there are no project at the complex..hohoho..i'm flattered~

schuzyy cant wait for more and more challenging tasks~

week3 day 5: last day of week 3


most of the big guys at the admin building are going out for i am glad i am going to FMB again today..yey~

but md noor was on leave..but k ramlah was in..yey~

so i am left with adnan, shah and sofa. they took me around attending complaints~
1. request of extension at ticketing counter..gosh..many passengers were stranded there due to the ashes up in europe..
2. air-cond service..and carpet issue..need to add more glue..gosh~
3. i asked them to teach me how to dram the single line diagram of the assignment en yusof gave me last week..hehe..and i need to check with en zaflee and hj radhi bout that first~ thanks guys! ^_^

so at 4pm i took the shuttle back to the complex~

today was fikri's last day doing practical he treat all with nasi braini..thanks fikri..and also thanks for everything..nice to know u even for such a short time..and good luck with ur new path ahead! department will be getting another trainee next month..a girl electrical engineer-to-be from uitm..cant wait to meet her~

schuzyy is done with week 3..yey!! gosh time really flew fast these days~

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