Thursday, April 15, 2010

i will be a superb boss!


why i said so? haha..because i hate when people dont do things as told..haha..yes i will be a dictator! hahahaha~

what happened today really changed my attitude at work..last 8days..i was a soft spoken, lemah lembut, girly azy..but today..after 3 men turn my hope down..i just cant be that azy anymore! so prepare for another new azy tomorrow people!! hahaha~

man 1: MAHB pass
supposedly man1 took me to custom department to do the pass..but he said he got some gate fence thingy to settle..i am doing maintenance these things is ok..i ask k ina i need to do my pass she said man 2 can take me there..but he was on he said oh..later i can ask men 3 to take me there..but due to some shyness after few gossips i wasnt so keen on asking i ask man 4 to take me there..but man 4 said he wanted to do his business first..maybe later in the evening he take me i wait~
then around 3 and 4 4 told man 3 to take me there..i was cursing under my breath..what r u doing!!! no more gossips please..i like man 3 but gossip is just not my man 3 said ok..later2..then later in the evening..i ask man 4..menuntut janji..then he was making all this faces..demn! i hate that! if u dont want..just said so! i will be mad but i think i am matured enough to handle man 5 heard us..and he called man 3 telling him i was crying cos he didnt came..haha..yea rite..i am about to cry due to extreme furious! men!! love to hate them! whateve~ 3 said maybe tomorrow..or monday..omg!!! directly i told man 4..i am thinking to go by myself..depending on men is my least favorite thing! never work for me..i better of alone..that the reason i dont have steady bf till now..haha..whateve~

then i returned to my workplace..sat there..did my logbook..till 3.45pm..everyone asked me..dh g wat pass ke? omg!!! what a question!!! sabar azy sabar~

man 2: transformer

he promised me to call when he's going to change the generator around 3.30pm..i waited and waited n thing i know..its already 5pm..


sabar azy sabar~

man 3: i heard him say there will be a meeting on the transformer..but he left without me..huhu..sad~ is my hampa day...i know i shouldnt be mad..they have their own work..why should i bother them..fine..i will mind my own business tomorrow..sulking~


wait till i be a boss..will i care bout feeling? should i? i respect one who respects me~

sabar azy sabar..10 weeks to go~ *sigh*

this is life azy..anyhow..please..treat me like a person..not a girly girl..i am not one!

here's what my horoscope say..which i like so much! haha~

Hi Azyy! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Friday, April 16
Your love life is taking off today, even if you're not feeling it quite yet. If you're single, someone is just about to take a serious interest. If you're partnered, expect to see your mate in a new light soon.

peace n out ^_^

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