Saturday, April 24, 2010



i just watched this movie.." did u hear about the morgans?" and now i felt like crying..and it was after the movie..not like always..during..haha..ok..if u know me..yes..i am a crier..i crier during every movie..oh2..except clash of the titans..very weird what makes me thinking this time age..and my what's about it? hmm..i think my closest friends would has been troubling my head very much this few weeks..not because there are choices..but because they keep on bf bf..truthly speaking..i am hoping i had the answer..the person didnt confirm anything if u are reading something..haha~

so..this very hectic! fun..flirt..sick..hope..tired..and most importantly..i did learn few lesson of life..apart from things i should learn educationally..k leha say..never trust a guy..k ina n k shima i wonder..what could that possibly mean? they are married..maybe they are referring to me..who are only trust ur husband? but there are cases when they do and in the end the husband left them for some other that means..we girls should not trust any men..forever? lesson~

today i had a fight with a friend..and i was half regret and half emotionless..i dont want this to continue..i am being half me..i usually put the silent mode in when i am upset..but if after 15min u continue with other topic..then i should be able to forget the problem..thats mistake there was both being silent for the entire i cant imagine how would this be on monday..huhu~

i cant stand waiting..especially when it's hot!

ok..i hate saturdays! it always been my most unlucky day..hope tomorrow student will turn up..and i got to get out to somewhere..i really need time off..entertainment please..i really want to watch some movie..huhu~

what does "did u hear about the morgans?" and "up in the air" have in common?

i wasnt really friendly with men..but doing internship really has changed me..well..not in that way..just i can interact with them more these 3 life revolves around only 5 females..alya,k ina,k leha and k shima and today k ramlah..and the other 20+ are men..and i am really surprise i can NOT be me! haha..good for more shy2 i can learn better..but en din statement (on..he's my supervisor aged 50+) he felt like telling those guys in the lift asking who i was..this is my bini muda..omg! thank god i can play my plastic face at that time..haha..funny and awkward!!! i am looking for singles un-married men en din! sorry! ^_^

i'm dead if he read this! haha..sorry en gurau je~ ^_^

em2..can i name all those 20+ here? of cos can..this is my blog! ok2..introduction upon appearance..ecewah..en din, en sahar, hj radhi, en azmi, abg jamal, en yusof, en azhar, abg maswan, abg zaflee, abg jenal, fikri( fellow trainee..ala fikri..dtg bangi gtau eh..xsmpat jmp was his last day), abg megat, abg mokhtar, abg nazree, wak dahari, alif, nan, en shah, sofa, and abg shah..haha..ok..that was a long list..cant believe i called them gegen my life principle ..but's all bout learning..nothing personal~

so after 3 weeks..i learn much..who knows life lessons has shocked me more that electric could..haha~
so i hope another 8 weeks ahead..more will come and teach me..i really really really appreciate these experience! and i am really really really glad i made it there in MAS ^_^

You Are an Archangel

You're so good, people have trouble believing it's not an act. You're practically a saint.
You take ethics and morals very seriously. You can be depended on to do the right thing, even when it's difficult.

You may or may not be religious, but you are definitely deeply spiritual. You want to do right in this world.
You would never betray the trust of your friends and family. And in turn, you are highly respected by everyone. it?

You Should Work with Art

You are a very visual and creative person. You couldn't stop making beautiful things, even if you tried.
You are constantly inspired and driven to create. It would drive you crazy to follow too many rules at work.

You have to do things your own way. If you're given room to be yourself, you come up with amazing things.
You never stop making art, so you might as well get paid for doing something you love!


blimey..when i am typing this entry..i am pronouncing every word in my head in British accent..oh hugh grant influence ~

peace n out ^_^

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