Tuesday, April 27, 2010



work is ok today..but the side activities was kinda frustrating..not one but 2..haha..well..1 n a half maybe..haha..but the 1..yes..i think that s a big frustration..gosh..i am trying too hard i think..so..today is last day..no more after this..if there's a will..there's a way..note for the other side~

ok..still not fully recovered..still feeling weak..eventho the mouth is unaffected..haha..

oh..tmorrow i hope more works for me..because k leha is away..so left me and k ina n k shima..it always felt too silent when one of them are missing..huhu..miss k leha already! she went to beijing for shopping..gosh! cant wait to earn my own money..and then i can go anywhere i want for shopping..hohoho..

note: i am not like other girls who dont mind spending their man's money..not me..and it upset me when i found out anyone who think that every girl are like that! seriously! not everyone the same!


peace n out ^_^

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