Sunday, April 18, 2010

housewife? haha~


i love weekend~

but still dont like the nothing-to-do and plan-x-jadi..which really upset turn put to be good after all..wake up bit late..hehe..then make together with alya,my housmate..then watch melodi..then news at 1.30pm then nona..haha..yes..abah was my biggest influence..he is nona's biggest fan..but an 1.40pm i already felt sleepy..perut kenyang kan..haha..then suddenly rajin striked me! aiyayai! haha..i vacuumed the house and do bit furnitures rearrangement..then voila~ feel like alya said..haha..i am trying not to sleep because if i did then tomorrow i will need a nap..not good! plan for later..when sleepiness stike..i will iron a week-clothes..bathe and more tv maybe..haha~

is this life? well..i'm happy enough..i love weekend..especially the no-need-to study part..haha~

oh yesterday..saturday..after the running away drama..i reached hostel around 3pm..then nothing to i watched 3 movies..astro-boy (cried! but the ending was weird), percy jackson ( agreed with kisas, it is clash of the titans modern version) and cloudy with a chance of meatball ( this is funny..cos it was all voice at least i watched it already..ahaha~)

thats all..

peace n out ^_^

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