Friday, April 16, 2010

internship part 2

week2 day 1: more drawings!


sorry again..i did it again~ so here what i did in these 2 days..

week2 day1: drawings~

more drawings for me since both managers and sv were busy with their i was given more monday was office day..

hmm..i think..they are purposely make me bored each 2 days..haha~

schuzyy was bored again~

week2 day 2: assignments!!!!


ok..morning i was bored like monday..then i went to en yusof..then suddenly he said..what if u try this..he assign me an was actually just a single line diagram..but since i havent learn the rite way to do i have so much trouble..which i think has jeopardize UNITEN's name sorry uniten..i am trying my best i ask mr raflee and hj radzi for i am now understand bit more on the process..thank God en yusof told me to do that...haha

then in the evening..en sahar gave my 12 weeks much excitements there!! hoho..cant wait for my MAHB's pass then i can go to the cargo area..hoho..cant wait to see animal hotel!!! haha~

but the surprise and scare are for assignments..they were all i fear i cant do them good..huhu..scared~

haish..go azy go!!! yosh!!! ^_^

schuzyy got assignments~

week2 day 3: meeting!!


omg! these few days..everyone was busy..leaving me at the office with tonnes of reading materials..and rite now..i dont want to read anything anymore!!! please..enough! like i told izat..i read but none was i read bout luminocity for my bout transformer for the problem..just as preparation before going into the meeting at 3pm..haha..yes! i did say meeting!! haha..omg! my 1st meeting ever!  it was a meeting between us, MAS and transformer agent..he was from TBEA, a company producing transformer from china..and it was not so en din decided to wait for ABB's before he decide on which transformer to take..gosh..1 33kV/415V transformer cost rm280K!!! omg!! and if they want to wait for the ABB's it would  cost them time..and mind them..the rent for the generator is rm15K a month! gosh! pity them but deep inside i would like to thank that transformer for bursting when i'm here..i can learn a lot there! hehe~


oh..time for some pictures scanning images..haha..miss my oly..when can i send him for repair..anyone..sponsor please~ ^_^

: my schedule for these 12 weeks :

: the logbook i carry everyday to work..not sure why i cant just leave it at if anyone would want to steal it..haha~ :

: they say i'm their employee!!! haha~ :
this is for MAHB's pass..this will allow me in the cargo area..yipee! ^_^
cant wait to see animal hotel~

: today's reading of them..huhu~ :

: reading material for my luminosity assignment :

: THE place :

: this is the guy we had meeting with today:

: this is the company he presented:

transformers in MAS campus, KLIA

: the drawing:

okies..thats all for today..thank Allah..i was bored but still i did learn something..i learn how it was like to be in a meeting with contractors and suppliers..and the way they look at me..trainee is also part of the team..yey!! love it!!! ^_^

schuzyy can't wait to work for MAS! ^_^

week2 day 4: hv lv


supposedly i do my MAHB pass today..but since everyone was busy so i just sat at my place completing my log book and wait if anyone calls~

then around 11am mr sahar called..i thought he was taking me to do the pass but then he took me to the HT room..where the transformer that burst last week thing to see was 2 generators rented from the Sepang circuit..its kinda new..then they took me back to admin building to see the LV room and there i get t know what riser looks is just a bus bar fixed from lower ground that received from the main intake to thing for me..before..i always see labels at the door.." riser"  but curiosity wasnt this great back then..haha~

then mr sahr took me to Hanger 6 to check on the air-cond problem i followed wasnt my area..but knowledge shouldnt be limited..hoho~

then around 1pm, our department had a farewell party for my fellow intern from MFI..alhamdullilah..end of intership for him..leaving me alone doing internship there before another girl form uitm come in mid mei~

so pass making should be tomorrow..or schuzyy need to wait patiently~

schuzyy was not so happy~

week2 day 5: trainee engineer~


funny isnt it when people address u as a trainee engineer when u urself know..u cant even design a 30 socket single line diagram..haish..but like my mom said..just except it as a doa..amin~ ^_^

so today..since its friday..nothing much can be done in the morning..everyone was busy..bosses was going here and there..they are all going for meeting here and the collapsed fence near the runway..everyone was out..leaving me and the rest of the clerks at the i fill my free time searching bout the transformer..reading on IP code..and before en din go to subang for his meeting..he told me to check the transformer plate later in the evening when the representative from ABB transformer come for hope was lifted..yes! site visit! so i waited for anyone who i can ask to send me i sit there patiently..reading this and that..completing my log book..and waited~

friday prayer~

then on the evening..i heard someone called mr azhar..this is the funny part..he told the person on the phone to come to the office to see the trainee engineer..omg! thats me! i waited who is coming to see me? haha..then it turn out to be the chargeman and hj radzi the contractor..they came to check on the previous test on transformer..after seaching the whole office..then searched the drawing library..they found it..luckily the chargeman, mr dahari said i can follow i did..yey! and here some picture form the visit to the main intake the incoming supply of 33kV from TNB were stepped down straight to 415V for few areas..but for other area and building..33kV are distributed to each..i asked the chargeman..why didnt they stepped the 33kV to 11kV first? he said, the designer think maybe in the future the complex would need more than 415V so they directly distribute the 33kV not advance the engineers back then? amazing~ the pictures~
: total km travelled each day..95.7km bangi-lcct-bangi :

: plate of the broken transformer:
its of the smallest tx..there are bigger tx..havent get the chance to see..yet~ ^_^

: high voltage side 33kV :

: low voltage side 415V :
the red phase's coil burn due to environment factor and maybe manufacturer's defects
still waiting for full report from ABB transformer

: main intake (33kV) from TNB; all are underground :

: 3 yellow blue :

: see the left orange cable? that was tapped to the bus bar form generator set substituting the broken transformer :

: 2 generators are used; 1 for back-up..they are alternating each genset in 12 are mr dahari, mr megat and mr maswan..switching the right genset on for another 12 hours resting the left one:

the procedure is quite easy..
1: check diesel and engine oil levels
2. on the 2nd genset; setting it to parallel 
3. set the 1st genset to parellel from current single..
4. after few second..let both genset synchronised
5. set the 2nd genset to single
6. set the 1st genset to single
7. off 1st genset
8. 2nd genset take over the system for another 12 hours 
9. after 12 hours these procedures will again repeated by switching on the 1st genset letting the 2nd genset rest.

its interesting indeed! ^_^
wish i could do it next time~

: mr dahari showed me the underground room which place these cables..thanks so much! :

: the testing device, DC test :

: diagnostic test device :

so that'll wrap-up week 2 activities..

schuzyy cant wait for monday to come! ^_^

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