Wednesday, April 14, 2010

work is is tired~


ok..this week..i am super tired..not sure why..i didnt do much work to make me it should have been the sleep..haha..oh maybe..the 1 hour journey..every working day..i am travelling 84km in 2 and half hour bangi-lcct-bangi..huhu..woke up at 5.30am..sleep at 5 n half hour sleep..that is never enough for me!! tonight..i decided to sleep at somewhere that we need to sleep at least..yes at least!! 8 hours! a baby..well..i always say i'm 12 so mind me sleeping like a baby..haha~

so ok..both blog updated..oh..i will post all 5 days experience at MAS here every weekend..just for my own record after i abandon that blog later after practical's over..haha..why oh why i didnt just register this blog? oh..yea..i dont want the whole uni to read what i think bout them..hahaha~

okies..thats all from me! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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