Monday, April 19, 2010

tired super tired today~


ok today work work watched other people work..but just because i followed them..doesnt mean i did do anything..haha..up down the to smokes..haish..think that what made me tired even more..

i missed rite after i reached home..i ate like a oink2..omg! 3 gardenia breads..yesterday's mee..and lots of water..omg! and when i stepped on the scale..omg! i cant believe my eyes..i lost few grams! haha..yes! thats why i love working! haha..but eating like a oink2 wasnt a routine so i am not so worried bout that.,hehe..yes2! by the end of this practical i will lost few kg i hope..hehe..amin!! today..big issue arise..which really shocked me..i cant believe even adults who already has their own family..and seem to be so nice didnt pray..huhu..such a shocking deal for me..i asked my fellow practical mate..he said..missing prayers here n there was normal to them..omg! another shocking facts!!! huhu..ok..let them think for themselves..who am i to say more~

so..i hope tomorrow will give me more jobs..i cant stand sitting in the office..i got 3 weeks to get to know everyone..before the other girl come..haha..ok..i am being weird~

peace n out ^_^

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