Monday, December 7, 2009

life as it is~


ok..lets leave the matters bout the title for later..
last weekend was a good and full of input..i attended bengkel 3p that was organized by uniten's was for leaders (cewah..) to learn how and what is it about to be a leader. so since i am ilmu sport bureau captain..haha..funny isnt it? but i i attend the 1st i was quite uneasy since nobody i know that i heard of going..then when i was lepakking with kakak..then she said she was going my relieve~ so it was ok after all...the activities was ok..we stayed at sri malaysia bagan situated sumwhere near the beach but the whole 3 days there i didnt hear or see any laut..but luckily k azua came to fetch us then i got the chance to see the ocean again! thanx k azua!!! luv u!! ^_^ had some sotong bakar n sotong tepung..the sotong was big! 2 of them weighted half kg nice..but no really sedap..huhu..but its ok at least i got to see the ocean positive2! the 3p..we have a motivational talk by rizal..this wasnt my first time attending his was so good this time i sumhow remembers more than the last now..i can see what a person is just by looking at the it..ok..but what i learn with him was so much that i appreciate now..there is no failure it is just feedback. really true! even though i was not a 4 flat student but i am working hard on achieving it. so if i didnt get a 4 flat or even a dean list it just a a feedback of me making a bad and wrong choice..thats better thing of another choices and choose a better one..hehe...

and even when it come in the matter of heart.well..i do have a soft heart..and delicate mind..but things are continually made a bad impacts to me..and so much that i i choose to dont care anymore..i rether choose to ignore it..even it is sumting close to me..i know it is sumhow bad for the future and my own life...but rather than giving my heart n mind a hard time better let them work on any other is should and will come first at any friends when they choose not to care bout my choice there..better let them be and keep away from them...i WAS a soft hearted person..but is is difficult enough even without those problems...rizal said no trouble no fun..its true..but too much trouble just make no fun i choose to keep out of trouble or ppl who are troublesome to me..haha..ok..last week trouble came by...then i refuse to open the door to them...but today..trouble came by again..but he used my neighbor..tell them to tell me he wanted to neighbor had to come just to tell that trouble is troubling her now..just to get to me..but what i worried now is trouble went troubling my neighbor for? its enought for him to trouble me alone..stop harassing others who known to my neighbor..haish...this is the life i really need to keep away from for ever! neighbor wanted me to confront her..i said why should i? so what if he want to choose to have a row with me...i dont give a d*** anymore...just the fact that i already have problems that i need to settle than having u troubling my head some more...hate i think i made myself clear this time..i dont need u anymore trouble...not that i dumping u or anything..but just the fact that u are the one who are creating too much scene that not averyone wanted to..and obviously i am one of those who refuse ur company! so informed! and leave my neighbor alone!!!

ok..stop swearing! azy..this is not u! come back to the real u!

peace n out ^_^

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