Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year new me?


finished 1 test! yey..its hard..but i think i manages to put everything in just wait for the result..nothing else can be done rite? tawakal je la ;p

its the other new year..not to celebrate it cos we shouldn' not ours..but Hijrah also just entered a new if i were to celebrate both that means its double new year for me ^_^ and something might happened next one just go with the flow..thats what i've been doing all this while..^_^

today i learn something: even i was bit angry just now..but after reflecting..i think i am way better than that..i shouldnt be mad just because of that...i know that person is purposely trying to make me mad..and she got me..but just for few sec..i am way better darling...alhamdullilah..anger is still under control..yey! ^_^

okies..tonight will go back home..yey! see mama n abah..will be back here on monday morning..luckily my class starts at insyaallah still can make it. ;p

i dont know why..but there's something inside that make me feel more alive today than yesterday..was it because test was done? hehe..but still think it was because of that ^_^

thats all for today..cant wait for next year! welcome 2010! goodbye 2009..u teach me so much bout life..bout friendship..and also bout myself...2302 and i'll be a year more i hope everything will be as it should be..Allah has plan for each of us..but's up to us to make it happen or not..continue praying and work hard on it..insyallah..we'll have it all in our hand

peace n out ^_^

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