Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tuesday morning~


wasnt planned to get up early today..but something came up so..here i am..still in the blues mood..so many think inside my head..classes? still ok..power E..found few friends..husni n vivek are known..made friends with another 4 chinese..thanx guys! dont felt alone anymore..plus pn sabarina will call my name everyday...izayati!..haish..haha..xpe la cikgu..other subjects...still breathing ^_^

yesterday: haha..funny day..everything went well..top of those..really funny story..i went to wak's for mee grg mamak..then went i was waiting for my order..wak's wife sit next to our table..then she said..adik tu mcm nur kasih..all 4 of us turned to se who was she talking about..eh2..kamu la..haha..she was addressing me..haha..me nur kasih(nur amina) that the funniest thing but sweet that one ever said to me..nur amina is a character that too nice to be in reality..any girl should be like her..i admit i do want to like her..gorgeous and nice and clever and love for her man and Allah so great even when everyone was telling her to move on cos her husband was believed to be dead..she just keep on to her faith..believing that her husband will come back eventually...and he does in the end..well..that true love..even though her life wasnt as happy as she wanted in the early stage of her marriage but in the end her husband did turn good and love her..aaa...drama..will i ever have that great love?

this sem..what i think happened to me..after all those unfortunate events.. i look at other quite differently..i'm scared to be closed to anyone..i look at boys like there are all kids..(well should be cos my batch with my age all graduated already..haha) so here i am..living life as a Schuzyy..hoping everything goes well...what ever lies ahead..i will go thru as calm as i can..even if it's not like what i imagine...one thing i know for sure..there's no more hazirah abdul rahman to meet this coming august~ rest in peace zira al-fatihah~ insyallah aku g umah ko slalu..dulu zira slalu soh g umah dia g temankn ibu tp i refused cos she's not around, takot xtau nk cakap ape ngn ibu..but now...there's no more excuse..i will go to her..insyallah zira insyallah~

okies..b4 rain fall down..better stop..dont want any red eyes

peace n out ^_^

nur amina wannabe ;p


syurga tinggi _(o'.'o)_ said...

lpas ni ak pggil ko nur la.
tggu ak balik la ye taun dpn,
taun ni xsmpat jmpe kan?
bile nk wat choc cake y ak ajar dlu tuk ak? :D

schuzyy said...

hehe..nur pon ok..sbb tbe2 dh ramai azy kt mesia ni...haha..alasan..choc cake? alaa..lupe..ko wat la lg skali eh jana..ko wat lg sedap..nyum2..lapaaaa~ ^_^