Saturday, December 19, 2009

volunteer is good for the soul ^_^


just came back from zoo negara! omg..this is my first time doing charity work..and it was so much fun!! i can believe it! i thought it would be so tiring and boring and the workers would simple ask us to do this and that..but they were just wonderful!!'s the detail ^_^

0730: kakak fetched me from ilmu and we heading to atm for the ride to the zoo
0900: arrived at Zoo Negara and we was late..and only 29 reported and it was kinda short cos supposed there are 40 of us..well..its a what to do..then we were divided into 5 per group..but then due to our number..then my group was just,kakak,sugana and komala..then another 2 boys joined us cos their house didnt need we 6 work at the bird house..

then i lost track of time ^_^

our first job was to sweep leaves and clear the flamingo area..gosh..experiencing the animal from inside the cage was so much near to the feeling..then after the break at 10am..we headed back to the house and kakak and i got separated...she with the other 4 went to the flamingo area again..and i was assigned with encik kecik at the kitchen..haha..such a cute kid..he's i am comfortable enough as i cant have any feeling..hahaha.gatal me..but he is suc a nice kid..oh..need to mention he smoke..haish..ok..the job..first i help cut meat into cubes for the! then prepare the banana n papayas for the birds..just arrange them so that the chef can deal with them between that..another bird man check on us maybe..haha..ya la..there's only 2 of us inside the if i wanted to do anything la kan..funny..then he offered me muffins he was wonderful..but i forgot to take pic of the muffin..its was even topped with choc..cant believe it was baked by him..haha..and there's also kek lapis sarawak..baked by kecik..gosh! it was so good i hardly can believe kecik did it..its so perfect! just like those we got form sarawak..really admire them for that..guy that baked! and love animals! gosh! i wish they were older..hehe..then we joined the others..just for a bring all the pencakar and cangkul back to the bird house..then it was 12pm when they told us we can go for a walk and lunch..haha..our break supposed to be just 1 hour but it was 2 hours for lucky! was not so tiring for cos i work in the air-cond kitchen..hehe...then lunch time..the SIR provide us with nasi briani..its was good..really!

1400: work job continued with kecik again..haha..he like me maybe..but i think they thought i am too lembik for the cleaning work..haha..yea rite..try me! lazy maybe lembik no-no! haha..then kecik asked me to collect the feeding dishes from the kandang burung..then wash them all..gosh..its many!! haha..lucky i love playing with its not so troublesome for me ;p then..the other guy i think his name's azam..he called me to help prepare the i know..each day..they need to deal with 200kg of fishes and hundreds more of bananas papayas, grains, corn, raisin, kuaci, and also calcium...mixed them all..its different portion for different types of birds..then after that..the others came back..and they said the were going to the feeding area..wahaa..this is what other non-volunteers can't this..we got to feed stork with fishes at the lake, the imu(i think that the name..) with kangkung, the owl with meat and the small kangaroos..then to top all of those..around 4pm..they asked us whether we want to take pic with the parrots! of cos we want!! others need to pay for it but we got it for free!! yipee! love it!! oh..they have around 30 parrots and few peacocks in the cage for close look we got the chance to see 2 of the parrots up-close..its kasim and comel..kasim can say helo, apa khabar and cough like a funny..and so cute! kasim is white..and comel is blue..i'll upload the pic later ok (left the kabel with fendi..huhu) then after the pic session..we try our luck..asking for the feathers to take home as first we thought they wont give..then with my cute pathetic face..haha..they gave us!! yey! but they told us not to show them around inside the zoo cos fear the others want it too..i got 3 of them..kakak got 5 i think..the others got few each too..haha..lucky us! we would be grateful enough if they just give is 1 each..3? them so much!! then at 4.30pm..priya the sir commitee called us to go to the cafe cos its time to go back..huhu..kecik told me to come again personally..insyaAllah i will! they we all so nice! then at 1700 we headed back to uniten..and the bus ride was so fast cos we had fun having games wise much fun!! love it! so after this i certainly will join any activities organize by anyone even its just long as it has certificate ^_^

so..thats all about today..anyone want to do any volunteering at zoo negara please tell me..cos i want to go again!! :D

peace n out ^_^

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