Wednesday, December 23, 2009

still serabut~

salam~ morning today didnt start 1st rejection email from a company i applied for practical..should i mind much bout it? yes! cos if even not so big company didnt have anymore placing so it is not impossible for the rest of the bigger one..gosh! gotta act faster!! got lab tonight till 10pm so later after that gotta come back and settle the address and everything..then i need to look at microP..tomorow got quiz and today's lab really made my stomach flipped..i only managed to understand just before class finished..gosh! this is not good! this weekend need to do an all out session! must!! no excuses!! stop 'bangau'ing!!! yes2!! i can really live without her now!! i totally not affected by her action anymore!! and i love this new me! :D being a bit evil but i think..everyone is started to is third year..this is how its supposed to just be ready azy! next week got 2 test! microp and power sys..microp quiz tomorow..hope i can do well..i think i get it..but somehow somewhere i just kinda lost..need moment to digest things..well..guess i need to spend less time in front of the pc this week..i will definitely go online in the morning to check emails (anymore rejection?) and after this..hopefully i can be very strict with my schedule! follow it!! dont just spend time in front here..haish...

okies..tonight's lab is for power E..and to my surprise there's only one girl! and its this sem..there's lot of changes in me..alone in class..making new friends..having new class partners (can i call them that? hehe) thanx for having me! luv u! (still dont get it when some cant take it when i'm not with certain group of friends and keep on changing group of friends..that's what i think good for let me be ME..please..and thank you ^_^)

for now..i enjoy all class..except when its quiz's day or approaching one..then my head will get serabut..need to workout the plan fast! oh ok..need to plan for u-robik next as the head of sport and recreational bureau, is organizing weekly aerobic activity every tuesday evening at 6 to 7 if anyone from Ilmu reading this..please join us..we will do the Jillian Michaels workout..(shida jgn jeles ye..^_^) there's will be merits given.

so that's all for today~

peace n out ^_^

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