Monday, December 28, 2009



today's post wont be long..cos it still whole body hurt..haish..but still not regretting la..cos we had so much fun! :D so today..for the first time..i skip 2 classes..but since today there'sonly 3 it can be said that i skip today's classes..cos microP was fairuz wasn't there..its test this Thursday and he cancelled class..haish..

so my official test dates will be as stated below:

31/12/09: microP
5/1/10: lab emd
11/1/10: power sys
15/1/10: powerE

thanx Allah next week only lab test..insyaallah2..if there's more..then i'll die cos this weekend i'll be going home..yipee! celebrating new year on the bus~

okies..hope tomorrow saket2 will be gone..and i can start(really start!) studying..and..after today's discussion..i think i do still need to focus on study..cos it's still going to be long before i can hope for something else..*sigh~

peace n out ^_^

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