Friday, December 25, 2009

another weekend~


today holiday! yey! but not at all i feel excited..why oh why..plan to go back and take printer and filter here..but so lazy wanna call fendi..haish..

oh..notice the counter? haha..i'm the 100th the green? its my current fav colour i pc table is this green..and also my bed sheet and is good~

ok..what do i want to do this weekend? since next week got microp it will be microp week..and tomorow dating with ball..then sunday maybe with k long..huhu..i want to go out but money and time seems to be jealous of me..huhu so how? still today i woke aup late and tll now i'm still on the bed blogging..uploading pictures from the zoo trip and checking mails..and still no placement for LI..haish~

huhu..waiting for eda to come out of the toilet..then mandi then eat then start la..printer xpe la..skali skala kayakan iranye bisnes..filter..sorry alya..after mid term break la plak..

january is coming..and i'm kinda scared~

peace n out ^_^

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