Tuesday, December 22, 2009

serabuted head~


my head is so crammed! hav 2 test next week..power sys and micro p..then lab test on the next..gosh..microp is still manageable..power sys? omg! got quiz 1 just now..and it was hard!! it was an open book..and still we were struggling to get it done..and to top the frustation..my answer dont matched the answer at the back..oh2..so stressful! and its all my fault! i was playful whole month and suddenly test are coming too so damn fast! ok..thats the word..huhu..i am so anxious now..now resting for a bit so that i can push it all out tonight..think i should skip the meeting tonight..felt so unstable rite now..need time~

notice my sentence are worst than ever? good..then that means i need to stop n have a rest..huhu..my head~

peace n out T_T

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