Friday, December 18, 2009

it's another 3-day-weekend


yey! its weekend again! love weekend..because it's the time i could rest rest rest n if i wasnt resting at all during the least on weekends i wont feel guilty sleeping all day cause it is weekend rite..hehe..

today: wont do much..thought of going to zira's house but ibu said they'r going to kubur and got people coming so maybe today..i will surf all those things i wanted to google on..i been writing everything that come across my mind that i need to google is the time..hehe..what are they? just basically songs with lyrics so that i can karok..haha..and few names n lecture that i hear my lecturers saying they names in class..mostly from techcom class cosby and prosh..better check again..oh and that brown guy with nlp..that one i got form 3p workshop last 2 weekend..oh2..i love weekend!

tmorrow: around 7am...i will going to zoo negara! yey! doing some volunteering first it better if i expect the worst first it will be from 7.30am to least my saturday is going to be filled with something good and hearty..hehe..

sunday: ibu asked us to go around 8.30am or later..they are doing some kenduri..insyallah i will go with the rest

hmm..thoughts? well been doing much lately...last night listening to k onny and make me rethink of the it true? gosh...what if it is..what would happen next? gosh gosh and gosh..

ok..lets brief on what i did last night cos its kinda crazy not to mention it here..haha...yesterday wast the last day oh tahun hijrah 1430 so k onny came to have doa akhir tahun and doa awal tahun together..oh..happy new year everyone! :D then we went to upten for some refilling and gossiping ;p thats was the 1st part of the fun..hehe..then..after makan..i dont felt like going ho,e i persuaded k onny to bring me anywhere..hehe..nakal me..hehe..then we went to jj balakong..hehe..guess what we did there? hahaha..this is the funny part..k onny bought presents for her and her nephew..then haha..we went to the gsc front to watch trailers plus with popcorn! me? we sat on the bench in front of the counters with popcorn n cola then watched the screen there..watching was my 1st time..nice and what an experience! love it! should be doing it often! anyone wanna join? :D

remember big mac? akyp? ok..i'm over them all this semester..or maybe i thought i was..haha..akyp was gone forever due to his fb..gosh..avoiding2..big mac on the other somewhat giving response..hehe..not anything u think of..just mild response that i'm comfortable with..just some smiling along the way..and to my surprise i got to see him everyday..maybe his class mostly at bn too like nice..felt better each time bumping into him :D but well..dont think it would do more..age problem..huhu...or does it really true when people say age doesnt matter much these days..i hope so..i hope he would think likewise..hahaa..berangan kau..ok..reality check! ;p

mission possible is still undergoing some tough situation ;p
okies..will post everything bout zoo negara again tomorow..tunggguuuuu~
(ade ke org baca nih? baget2..if u do..thanx a million! ^_^)

oh n enjoy this as i do such a cute vid!! :D

okies..peace n out ^_^

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