Wednesday, December 30, 2009

test microP


got microP test tomorrow and my head is aching the while day..even skip power E again..huhu..sorry ma'am..huhu..i know my body will be there but the brain wont.too much to digest..haish..what is happening? need to catch up fast!! okies..please pray for me..miza said the test was super hard! so if its hard for her than it is not impossible to be super duper hard for no..i attended the career unit talk just now..and today's was about social networking..and what i learn tonight is always be confident! insyallah..i can do the test well~ berusahaaa! ^_^

there's someone on my mind..and evertime i think of something and anything..that someone is there..being apart of my every plan..but..should i really accept it this time? i want to..but there's is some things still havent meet my how?

okies..still praying for my best..hope u can help by praying for me too ^_^ thanx in advance!

peace n out ^_^

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