Sunday, December 27, 2009

thanx so much ball!!


such a tiring yet wonderful outing! thanx so much to ball..gosh..last we met was in 2005 way before i entered uniten..visiting nurul at uniten without knowing i would end up here..hahaha..funny~

not much different ball..still fair n comel..hehe..out date begin with her mother n herself come n pick me up..the we went to her cousin's wedding...such a glorious wedding..can be called wedding of the year kot.and meeting her happening! and plus..i got to met riz af parents..haha..ball is related to riz af! really!! not joking!! haha..i wish some other friend of mine would be relative of nubhan maybe..haha..not sure whether i like him still or not..hoho.. it was so great we didnt mind staying there for bout 3 hours..haha..imagine atending weddin for 3 hours..without even knowing the was my first time really! hehe..and then..after the wedding we stop at a private hospital to solat n change..hehe..funny how we tricked the guard..then we headed to sunway pyramid..both of us dont know the exact way but with eda guidance..we made it there! alhamdullillah..arrived at 5pm..then..we attacked tgv..and the only movie available for us..and interest us the most was princess and frog! haha...being kid again! so at we got few hours to jalan2...and then..and decided to try skating! was our first time ever too! so its so childish and funny..laughing all the way..felling and goleng2 and then laughing again..there's a boy who find us funny too maybe..maybe he though we were younger..haha..kakak kot..then he offered us his help..we..thanks to him i fell like cempedak! and its hurts so much in the butt and hand..maybe the landing was bad..and it was a speedy fell my u..huhu..hurting still..and got a bruise on my palm..i landed on the butt and palm to protect my head of cos!..huhu..this would make me scared of the rink for a while i think..huhu..then..during the movie..ball's mom called..and asked to not to come too late..but the movie finished at 11pm so her house at we stayed at her aunty's house at putrajaya..such a wonderdul aunt she has! so beautiful! seriously! then round 12pm the next day we continue our journey to alamanda and went back at 5pm..thanx so much ball for the days! lov u darling! and gonna miss u!! xoxox can i forgot! on thusday! kakak belanja me prosperity!! thanx so much kakak! she knew this month's budget is super tight! hahaha..and thanks to her my prosperity consumption for this year is completed!! so thats it for me..i accomplish the target of having fast food this year! and no more next long as my target weight still far away like today..haish..chaiyok azy chaiyok!

ok..its almost biggest fear is approaching! and i really dont know what to expect! and i hope..the future is better and brighter for us all..insyallah~ is asyura day..i hope u also fast today..mama said..the pahala is the same as 1000 umrah..insyallah..only Allah know what i get today..hope HE accept my doings today..ameen~

last week..i did so much bad things..bad deeds that i cant let them off my mind..i wanted to apologize..but seems there's no prays are just for them to be happy and have a wonderful life without me around..another thing..after the fall and those accident with the sani bus..i really felt that death is near for any of us..just that we dont really know the date..people say..those who go before us means that Allah love them best..thats why He took them to be near to him..does that mean Allah didnt love us? does that mean i am a bad girl that's why He didnt take me yet? please humble selfish doa is for me to die before my love ones..i cant bear another lost..please Allah please..but i know..i am still lack of pahala that would take me straight to heaven...but i would always try to improve on that..insyallah..please guide me to the right way ya Allah..please~

ok..LI is in stating on 5th April till 25th of June 2010 and i haven't get any placement..and it scare me! hope i get somewhere that i can learn things and earn so allowance ^_^

okies..thats all from me today...

peace n out ^_^

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