Sunday, December 20, 2009

emotionally stable~

salam~'s a bit early to post new entry cos usually i post as summary for the whole day activities..hehe..

so 0900 today yana and i went to zira's house..i promise myself not to shed any tears..cos is none of of should..i know i need to be happy so that i wont make ibu ayah imah n nani get any sadder..alhamdullillah i managed nicely..i'm proud of imah and nani..they manage just a well..i know its hard for them too..but looking at ibu's face..i know..they know..they need to be happy t make ibu happy..good job girls! so sorry cos we arrived a bit late..hehe..just in time to amin the we went there for eating.hehe..and tapau balik some bihun and the sambal and 4 slices of cheese cake..gosh! there goes my diet again..hehe..then..the challenge..looking at their family pic..and zira staring back at me..gosh..sebak2..but trying hard to be strong..then makan2..gosh the nasi lemak's sambal was great!! then as usual..i asked nani to see zira's the moment i saw her bantal all came back to me again..she always hold that bantal back it during study or when we share the bed for some stories..some sesi hati ke hati.. and to my surprise..we like dkny! i never knew she wore dkny perfume..oh zira..i miss u~

::al-fatihah for her ::

back at my room..the flashing back continues..but..not tell here..more time'm in alya's room..haha..shy2 la ^_^

okies..felt like sleeping all day..due to yesterday's work kot..(haha..watpe je la smlm?) but tomorow got microP another one on tuesday powersys..and i havent study a bit!! haish! there goes another 3-days weekend..huhu..missed 2 of 5 of 3-days-weekend..and i havent go back to loqstaq..haish~

he said he's coming back in January..should i wait? cos i thought of going back the first oh how? tmorow maybe will go to kajang to look for hope there's still cheap one..ameen! ^_^

okies..thats all for now..salam~

peace n out ^_^

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