Monday, August 31, 2009

morning thoughts~


3days holidays..sounds superb..but its already tomorrow class? haha..gosh..time do fly fast~

last 2days was superb! spent with shopping..never been better...but supposed to say window shopping was because didnt buy much..i lost my appetite for shopping..really troubling..well..enough said..i needed time to get away..thats thats what i did..thanx to eda rijal and kak na...thanx all!! thats exactly what i need these week maybe with fendi on saturday and shida on week's monday will be a rest day...then the week after that i will be going home! yey! cant wait..miss kanji..will definitely ask abah to cook some ikan asam..nyum2...bought presents for their birthday..but told mama already so its no really a surprise..haha..they wont mind i know..

what to do today? i have malaysian studies take home test to do for thursday, emf quiz tomorrow, emd..need to do cathing up..gosh..this is my biggest regret this weeks...its supposed to be MY to see tuan rashid passion when he talks about power plants and all..fasinating...i really want to be in his shoes!! ir!! ayahanda..

i am still checking my emails...gosh..i really do need broadband...everyday almost 100mail in..really took ages with uni's that cought my attention was the usual horoscope..not that i believe it 100% but the coincident was here what today's says

Dear Azyy,
Here is your horoscope for
Monday, August 31:
You get an important message in your sleep tonight -- one that might take a while to translate. It's best if you can write down your dreams for review in a few weeks or months to see what you can make of it then.

hmm..what was on my dream? i was dreaming of going back to bali..going to tebing spot that i marked on the first day there..sounded nice..they said there has a Pura which built by the cliff..gosh..the Tanah Lot Pura was superb..they said tebing was even better..gosh! really felt going there again!! huhu..but the dream wasnt really good..i was about escaping the big waves on land..but relatingto my feeling has been 3 days i felt this way..heart ponding..worries of the unknown..yesterday left eye moved (u know what i meant rite?..) was thinking of my parents..i called them there was ok..or maybe they didnt tell..but by the thought of it i think fendi too felt the same..because he's the one called me first...hmm..wonder what happened...mama and abah were ok.....then my thought flew 'there'..was it? would it? what if? when? gosh...gotta stop thinking bout this...need to focus..anything happens..or going to happen..i will leave it to Allah..if He think thats what i deserve..i will learn to accept it..knowing it maybe would bring much more good in later life...insyaallah~

quote of the moment:

if u love something let it go,
if it comes back to you it's yours,
if it doesnt,
it never yours..

so just wait and see Allah works his miracles~

still havent finish dan brown..haha...when will i finished this? only god knows..haha..hmm..what else? thats all for now..

peace n out ^_^


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