Sunday, August 23, 2009

another sunday~


bored..i dislike sunday because it's the day before monday..that mean i need to setle everything before midnight today in order to have a perfect week ahead..huhu..

hm: emf assignment(which tokbak personnaly told me to take the paper in front of his office when crossing the bn-bm road..road ke?pape la..haha) 1malaysia(lucky no more politic~) hoho..thats all..or mayb some studying..haha.msian studies n islamic koot! reading! haish...ok2..will start at 2pm..;p

done washing done cleaning(eda enslaved me!!!) done checking emails done quizzing on fb(ahaks ;p) done stalkering(erks~) done blogging here too..(almost)

felt like going to bali again..last night i wonders fb la..looking at frends pics..saw bak's and fahmy's bali trip..nice! but pity him he bought that bali shirt for 50 000Rp n i bought 1 just for 10000Rp..haha..funny2..true they say..'segan bertanya sesat jalan segan menawar rugi di sukawati" haha..(sukawati is an art market which sells everything from paintings to keychains) and then i saw mcNi pics..gosh..another of my dear taiping's fren got married!! congrats to her!! me? seems like never kot~ *sigh*

ok2..positive2!! i did lose my positivness in life recently...but now i regain my consciousness and positive is again my whatever u what..i'm doing things my way now.. ^_^

thats all for know..seems to spill it all here but being the silence azyy is much better for now~

peace out! ^_^

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