Saturday, August 22, 2009

cant believe it~


just came back from mid with my syg@ ita..haha..well she call me 'kasih' tho..all because ustaz said in last lecture..we need to 'berkasih sayang' with our friends..haha..nice rite? so nothing much happen today..just watching 2 movies and that alone took 4hours..we watched i love u beth cooper 1st then gi review? those movies..especially beth..because i did cried because realizing my life sort of meaningless rite now..nothing to ask..just dissapointment...and unsureness..huhu..when oh when...i wonder..sorry if i bother u..sorry if i was a burden..sorry for everything..just being a typical girls..with normal thoughts and jealousy..wonder why one never ask back..weird..arr..loose that for now..dont spoil the mood..i'm trying hard not to change does make my heart feel lighter..haha..besides some headache for the money..haha..lucky its fasting time..can save for next shopping trip..hoho..GI joe was a the action..i even forgot that i went there with ita..felt like grapping the guy next to me..see told u i having the'jiwa kacau' time..haish..sorry ita,..hehe..luckily i did aware of ita presence..haha..funny movie..just influenced by hasbro..i lost interest..felt like watching action movie for kids(its pg13 kooot~) plus the poor cgi..haish..sad..dissappointed again there..well..rewinding the beth movie..reflecting to my life..huhu..wish someone would do that to me realize that girls do love that kind of things..and her says bout the sun..i agree too ^_^'s story..went out at 10am and back at 10pm..haha..cant believe myself..and we went by taxi and train mind us..haha...tiredness is not a question here..well i did pity ita for wearing her wedges..i know how it must have mission accomplished(spelling!) bought bag for class, a it.imagine when am i ever going to wear it..haha..even for the lost of ka-ching..still deep down i felt like going to sogo tomorrow..maybe because my heartache havent relief..still there..not sure when it can heal..huhu..ok..tired strike! suddenly i felt like sleeping..okies for now..adios! ^_^

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