Thursday, August 13, 2009

back with pics~ ;p


i'm back..arrived safely at home around 4am today..after having late dinner@sahur..decided to fast because then we can sleep without having to care bout here some pics from bali..not much cos internet or maybe my lappie kinda slow...hish...

this is the hotel we stayed for 5 days and 4 nights...luvly the pools..(they have

luv the beach!! cant believe my eyes..the
waves there really pusing2..haha..amazed2!! i could have learned how to surf for just 150000Rp but since it was the last day..huhu..sadly have to say no.

this is taken at Tanah Lot Pura (pura is tample in their language) love this the cool everything bout Bali!! hehe..gosh..i really fell in love with Bali! :D

mama n abah with our suzuki karimun...wit this babe we traveled almost to each sides of bali...cute car but up and down the montains did make her sick..haha..scary..but we did enjoy the journey...hmm..still wondering why we dont have karimun over here..weird~

ok..summary bout Bali..such a nice place to be for honeymoon..haha..think i should have mine there too...hehe...the people are nice..the smell was nice..smeel of flowers everywhere..not sure where it came the sound of gamelan..even at the airport they play peaceful..crime was not an issue..i was scared at first because last time i went to indonesia..witness a demo..and everyone acted like it was nothing...scary! but Bali was so much different..eventhough majorities are Hindu but even their youngsters are nice..always wear a smile..the salespersons always nice and unlike some in malaysia who get mad when we didnt buy their things..hish..u can do whatever u want there..i saw few couples kissing on the streets..haha..lucky abah n mama didnt...erk~ lol..

on the last day..we went for some spa..but considering time we only did pedicure n toes are beauties it~

well all..with air asia bali returns tickets just around rm300...lets go there again!! :D

peace n out~

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diza said...

put la more pic!! nak tgk hehe.