Friday, August 21, 2009


salam! at last uniten allow blogspot inside uniten..haha..what a relief..but still hink my pc is the prob..need to send him away for some cleaning..huhu..asked k nisa already..she said i can give acap to her on monday..yey! hopefully he will better..thinking of upgrading the RAM too...they said vista will be much much better with 4gb..mine now is 2.5gb..still running slow..well not up to my was thinking of subscribing for celcom broadband..but if it was my lappie even broadband wont need to wait for the lappie cleaning first..huhu..

ok..this weekend i will be all alone...everyone going home except for me..huhu....reason is..not sure i'm going to fast tmorow..haha..gosh..but the % is high for me to fast...hehe..whatever happen my date with it is still going on..hopefully..even planned to go out at 9am..haha..because then we can take a slow walk so that no so tired til the end of the day..haha..kinda doubt that..haha..crazy..first day of fasting n i'm going for shopping...haha..

hmm..still wondering wheather he read this or not..cos i did read his..n it hurts~

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