Thursday, September 3, 2009

rase kambing~


just came back from buke puasa at mattop bariani..i ate briani daging but dont know why i end-up having kambing aroma inside my mouth..haish..weird..but overall i give 3/5..hoho..not really sedap but fine..price is ok..rm9.50 briani daging plus apple i think..but sadly dont have any pic here..forgot and was intentionally left my camera at maybe will picnap some from shera's friend..haha..weird he said the camera wont look nice with flash cos mama's is exactly the same with that and its nicer with flash..weird no 2..haha..sorry shera id u read this..but i enjoyed it..hehe..good luck with him ok :D

gosh i love moments like this..eventho my heart not really stable..u know who u are...i havent anything from u since that day..its been weeks now..i was close on doing something that i think i would regret later but thanx to my close friends i rethink again..i wonder why u keep on doing this..last time u did this i still can accept because back then it isnt like now..i ask just one...i dont really mind u do this to me but please..please tell me..just inform that i wont think anything..think of doing anythink that could jeopardize us..u know how i was back then..yet u still do the same thing...really cant understand this..they say this is normal but well enough known that i dont really can accept this as ur normal behavior..mayb i should hold this till u come back..but have u ever am i here? waiting for u..have u ever think about that? have u ever think about me? those status on ur facebook..i wonder who they are for..eventho i am super strong on the outside..i sometimes do break and crash..have urname up there didnt change anything..i thought that i'll have someone to hear my stories so that i dont really have to pour everything here..but yet...its stil the same...i still remember u say u trust me..yes i do trust u..but they do have limit...and it almost there already..i think u should think bout us more than u think bout urself..i u read this..again i'm so sorry..but please...i wanted to tell u but seem that u didnt want me around at the moment..or maybe u already grow bored of me...who knows~

please do me a favour...tell me..what going to happen to us next..ur test this time is just too hard..seems like i'm breaking when i'm already broken..if u didnt wantme anymore tell me.i think i can learn t accept it rather than having u do this to me..

please...tell me something~

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