Monday, August 24, 2009

still in dat mode~


relaxing after class..reading angels n demons(still on pg 49 started reading on friday mind me..haha) waiting for break fast time...still bout 3 hours to go..hmm..nothing good happened today..didnt see 'AKyP'.. got emd's result..not good but i'm grateful i got that..better than 0(huhu) numec's coming next week...msian studies test postpone again to islamic test on my jiwa kacau which i hardly try to ignore each time it come crossing my focus mind..sebok je..watever la..its ur choice..cut!

i'm well prepared for this week anything bad or worse than today's is not a problem to me..hopefully..just wanted to keep my sanity and positiveness..*yosh!!*

oh something from the mails i got today..

Remember back in grade school how the only acceptable way to get someone to notice you was to aggravate them? Pretend you're back there, and someone's recent behavior will finally make sense.

really? never experience one tho..recent? none that i can think of that do it if he cares..well..for me? hmm..i hardly see one so how can i aggravate them? haish~

just praying to Allah to strenghten my heart till this end..surrounded by happy people somehow make me have this split emotions..happy for them but at the same time i was kinda hate it..but sorry...i know i shouldnt..listening to theirs was lessons for me..i listen and learn..eventho my time would never come..pasrah is the word now..disconnecting~

ok2..back to being positive..sorry readers..this is the purpose of this place to pour it all that i can stand living again on the next day...

gosh i need a laugh!! please Allah..send someone that can make me laugh..i've been faking it for quite some time here~

ok..enough deep thoughts..enough emotions...

anyway...happy fasting everyone!!! 3days down 27 more to go!! chaiyok2! ^_^

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