Thursday, August 27, 2009

tribute to AKYP~


hehe..merujuk kepada perkara di atas..cewah..ok2..straight to the point..hmm..observation today shows that he do speaks..haha..sorry..i know he speaks but today i saw one..haha..didnt hear unfortunately..few of unaccidentally accident..but unobvious one...still remain calm..thanx to nescafe-free day today...hehe..felt excited all night..then he left rite after terawih..i wonder why there's so many people left without doing witir..its the closure..well maybe they wanted to do some more..well..think positive...hmm..then i stayed for some tadarus..its friday night..then when i came eda's sms..she saw him at upten...SMOKING!!! OMG!! there it that might end it all..smoking took 70% off the interest..then just left 30% pure weird might me my last entry bout him...huhu...smoke..why? why? seem too nice to mature to smoke..but then again..he do bye then AKyP...adois till next admiration which is not so kept as a secret..

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