Friday, August 7, 2009

will be away~


seems quite long since i last wrote..what to do..uniten blocked blogspot..kinda making me wannna swear..but still having my sanity to swear just because of internet..haha..k na bought celcom broadband..interesting...hmm..might need 1 later..if i have 1 now..the possiblilities of never shutting down my lappie is high up up and away..haha..

just read black's blog..think their relationship sounded so sweet..having plan for their daughter's name..orked..sound cool to me..haha..orked binti ahmad zainul ariffin..haha..nice2..way to go my fren! well..i'm still in the stage where i'm still hoping for that kind of happiness and secure..its not that i havent believe..but it seems that his side havent quite what can i do? just wait perhaps? being me.. always playing the part of accepting and understanding..its ok..thats why its me who be me..not any other person..still i'm always here when u need doubt there ^_^

ok..i'll be away again for bout 5days..will be back on 12..bali2..hehe..i wanted to bring lappie there but mama said..might be a problem later think lappie better stays here..huhu..

ok..another not-so- big story but kinda big..haha..gilos..uniten was closed yesterday after 2pm because there are 3 h1n1 positive..bit curious bout who there are...hope none of my close friends or anyone i know..whoever they are..hope all goes fine and do get well soon..

read those from him too..shocking to know that he did have other girl when i thought we were already together...but 1 phrase there give me the relief..thanx dear~

haish...i am easily influenced..haish~

okies...wait for bali pics!! ^_^

really do miss pouring thoughts over here xoxoxo~

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