Sunday, August 30, 2009

a plastic daisy~


Daisy is a flower primarily of the Asteraceae family..appear to be strong but later the stem lost the grace and the flower just fell down..unlike me..i would be strong enough to endure any of nature challenge...while others seem to shy away during nights..i would just be the same..standing here strong days and wont change me at all..but as an artificial flower..those would be like a history made to believe...just something that i'm not but as the sake of my name..i would be considered same as others of my species..but deep down..i'm all ways different..because..i am a plasctic daisy..

though i'm plastic..there are few advantage..i wont need to be watered, i wont need to be fertalize so that i would give them more flowers..foremost..i wont need the LOVE to make me grow big and beautiful...i would be glad enough if someone would buy me and place me somewhere around the corner..just the sake of being house decoration...i wont mind..or i couldnt mind much of this facts...just realizing that i am just a PLASTIC DAISY.

once before i heared bout a story of pinochio..sometimes i wonder..does fairies realy do exist? because i really need to meet one..i wanted to be a REAL that i would be loved and cherish by that they could watered that then i can smile to them more that then i can make them a little more happier..

i'm just a plastic daisy..always..i always envy those real daisy...envy them just by the look of their face..they role of giving human happiness when receiving them..envy them when human planted them and lovingly cared..watered by love and food..envy them when they can smile more brightly than i am..but what can i do..i am just a plastic daisy..

human keep me just because they felt the need of having flowers in the house..just because someof their friend have it..they just dont want to feel the difference by not having some..then they bought me and palce me near a corner..since bought..they hardly notice me..just once and a while they came by..have a glance..clear the dust here and there..just so that later when their friends stop by..they do have flower in the house..god..i need those care and attention..i wish i could run that i can find a better owner..a better home to live in..or maybe just by the that i could feel how does it feel if i were a real daisy..

i wish~

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