Wednesday, August 26, 2009

finally the rain came down~


islamic studies' test is canceled..well..not sure if he mean postpone..but the word he use just now was wonder i didnt felt like studying..hmm..but now i do have mood for malaysian this means tomorrow's test is evening need to go to the masjid for bke puasa with sultan..haish..the email say we need to be there at 5pm but..who would? me n housmates are going at 6pm..haha..sorry ye en few works to do..numec quiz,emf question(which supposed to be quiz question next week..haha), and emd(but tuan rasyid is going away next week..sooo...weehuuu~ ;p) need time to study..he's away mean i can get some time for cathing up..huhu..let behide so much i think..not sure what i did all this while..its it when tuan rasyid looked at me in class..haha..just because lyza wasnt there..haha..or was he mistaken me for her..haha..thats even funnier..anyhow..i did felt like asking him i want to go with him to bakun...well..he's definitely my idol now...aeverything he do now is exactly what i have i mind for the! amaze...tnb actualy asked him to go there to give lecture to the engineers..n i heard its will be ready in news i heard that 1 of nurul's friends soraya is going there too under alstrom...hmm..bakun is my target..but same goes with schlumberger..hmmm oil or hydro? haha..let time decide on that to focus..focus...focus..

i was forcing myself to i felt a bit relief..just a bit...what was discussed just now in emf with kakak ;p is definitely another relief...thanx kak ;p really felt empty now..even the AKyP not inside my head anymore...thanx to eda for that one...this empty is good...need it now..i just dont mind u said before..just wait till the time comes..i will~

hmm..first project!! islamic studies..gosh..need to sell sumthing at bazaar ramadhan...hmm..50% profit will go to charity...sound ok..but the procedures...haish..ok2...positive2...
ps: funny the way he looked at averyone was wondering who was that guy...not even an intro..just the fact that he represent unicommserve..(mind the spelling ;p) buncit tu penyayang ye ita? haha..

hmm...thanx to uniten we can again have this blog its my rutine to write here...pouring some of everything...just so that they dont have to hear all from my bullet train speech..hehe..pity eda for that..sorry darling~

oh..last nite..bke puasa at pizza..with my sayang(ita..haha) my and(k na..haha again) and my ber(eda..hahaha...) rijal, mirul mas and fifi..was a short one..arrived at 6.30 back at 8.30..haish..2 hours? haish...its ok2..a good way to prevent overflowing of ka-ching ;p

hmm...the theme song is on..still...but the feeling is graduallly decrease..gud for me..not sure how the other part...well..bored wit me perhaps? could u just tell me? keeping silence like this wont settle a thing..n its a torture to me..a one sided torture i supposed..

hmm...the dark seem clearing out a little...came again when i heard those love birds and nite..trying hard to be a good friend..the problem is just why should i spread it to that the know what i felt? not helping..but do appreaciate what they do by not asking but focusing on avoiding me think bout it...good for me..again..felt sorry if u ever read this..this is the feeling i just couldnt find a way to tell...but the request for not asking those kind of things just unacceptable...pretend that i can...but who could? unique is me...but it do have a a girl..unique need to be blend in its camcel out and i am now ordinary...just plain ordinary invicible person who no one should have known my name..

new motto: my smiles are for all~

ps:need more clorox for the heart~

peace n out ^_^

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