Thursday, August 27, 2009

nicest day of da week...


haha..dont know why i say nicest..but now its no so much nice anymore cause i need to go find ticket for tomorrow..haish..mcm ade je lg..huhu..mama ni...but the reason of this pening2 is fendi..he suddenly asked if i wanted to open fast with them at hotel next week..huhu..what question was that? surely i want!! haha..but i forgot that i was supposed to go back on friday next week..huhu..then what to do? go back this week la..huhu...not that i dont want to go back..but just that i already planned of what i will do this weekend..huhu..and going back is in the now..i am checking on each transportation means known...train..plane..bus..huhu...why of why..still havent found any..lazy want to go to kajang..huhu..

ok..just been alive again (just woke up ;p) i decided to go back in next 2 weeks time...hehe..not exactly as planned..but ok la..a week b4 raya..the possiblility of flying with mas is 80%..haha..2nd time flying alone...hoho...suddenly hoping AKyP would join me..hahah..very the gatal..haha..hmm..ok2..enough2..need to behave myself...last night saw him..he is kinda weird..always alone..thats what interests me..haha..just to know how he is..that's it...nothing the look of him..he doesnt really look like someone that would like a company..look like he prefer to be by himself...thats all i can say for now..observation will be that i got a subject to hobby is becoming more and more interesting ;p

thats all for today...hoho..1st time my entry took more than half hour to finish..haha...

peace n out ^_^

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