Tuesday, August 25, 2009

peaceful and quiet days~


unlike usual i post new entry at night but now..around this time..haha..well..gap between classes is the best nowadays...can come back to my handsome bed and sleep..haha..but back since 11 but havent do anything..gosh! i really need to off my pc..but need rihanna's gud girl gone bad..still havent recover...hardly say when will..huhu) last night was a good end and also a start...1st day open fast at masjid..suprised cos its full!! plus 2 subjects that i keen on having a look at..thanx Allah..they were there..^_^ but the real thing is during terawikh..2 things came in mind..1)i miss Him..long since i have felt touched..i've teared..no to say cried..just flood of tears..1st day..last year..just on the 11th and 21st..sad..hopefully this ramadhan will be much much better...less say is my ultimate gold this year...gotta stop those deeds of mine..not good..2)wonder how was he? did he go? ever? if not? how will? am i? can i? could i? should i? but the continuing topic was at home..with my housemates..surprise because they support me..and offers suggestions..which i found kinda extreme..haha..so not me..but deep down..i do like it..just not sure when...have some respond but not anymore..curiousity arising but at the look..maybe none will actually happened...well that's what real life is..

current things in mind..can i still catchup with studies..haish..keep on getting hard and harder but looking at their answers seems so easy..why havent i got that? well..should finish dan brown faster then i can give full attention on studies..haha..watta? ok..hope tonight will be as good as the last..intention is good..if again..maybe i should..but how? only Allah knows~

ok..enough for today...hmm...notice or not..my writings its getting darker day by day isnt it? dan brown's way ;p love it!! ^_^


.amnesiac. said...

iftar kt msjid uniten tahun ni bes x?tahun lpas pegi dpt sket je..huuuu

schuzyy said...

haha..mlm ni bru wat..mari2 ;p