Sunday, September 20, 2009

slamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir n batin!! :D



i would like to wish all muslims especially who actualy read this..thanx for reading my blog eventho it wast that good.. :D for those who live nearby come to my house at no 44 taman datuk kmbar alor give me a call first ok..just to avoid any heart attack ;p

just came back from beraya...gosh! alot happened today...

morning: wake up and help's menu..nasi briani with ayam msk merah, daging itam, acar timun and dalca..acar was my dish! hoho..msti la ultimate specialty ;p then went to masjid for sembahyang raya..gosh the masjid was full..we barely made it into the masjid..k siti almost prayed on the stairs..luckily she got in..but still more did prayed on the road..pity them..only Allah can repay them..then pak ndak came with jo, elmie n imah..raya2..fw kids..gosh i'm tired! felt that i need another 24 hours sleep..then around 3 we balik kampong!! singgah at pak lang's house..then tok's house..first shock..intan's brought home her 16-year-old boyfriend..gosh!! kids nowadays...wonder when would i bring mine..hmm~

1)funny how kids really show how greedy they are during raya..wonder how i was back then :D
2) how can people be so generous and kind during patient with guest and god knows! how the kids was..have bunch of them..haha..but i did notice this boy tried to ngorat me...haha..funny~
3)food is the ultimate enemy during raya!
4)raya is great for heart healing~
5)raya is the easiest way to strengthen silaturahim within families~
6)say sorry like u mean it..even then dont realized that we did something really bad..cos its all forgiven :D
7)try no to repeat the same mistake; i really am trying not to say bad things bout people anymore..ever!! insyallah~ :D
8)phone can be a headache during raya
9)laziness must be avoided
10) last but not least...nescafe kaww is a must to keep u going all day :D

that pretty much everything that happened today..haha...had a great day..hope goes the same with all..hari raya should be celebrated with loved ones..filled with happiness after all mistakes are forgiven..let all forgive and that we all lead to a better life~

again..selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin~

when u love someone;
let it go;
when it come back to is yours;
when it never was...

i still do~

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