Friday, September 25, 2009

last day at home~


just an entry b4 i goback tomorrow morning...why i always wish that something would happen that would take my life away? but i dont want anything to happen to anyone..just me.hmm..seem like i gave up hope on life..but i just felt that world would be bit better without me around..but the pahala i have are nothing to compare to the sins i made..mistakes with humans can only be forgiven when the person forgive here..i would like to say..i am sorry to all for all the mistakes i ever made to u..sorry and sorry..seem sorry isnt hard for me these days...i know i'm not perfect person~

hmm..things to do when i got back~
2)emf test on tuesday!!!
3)numec test on 2nd oct (the same day i need to be at mph for robogame!! )
4)puasa 6
5)gosh! emd assignment due monday! 3 of them~
6)start checking SITH
7)check next sem's timetable..ask around for lecturers
8)3 weeks after raya see dr hanim for list of LI
9)try to stay in!
10)try to stick on these list! plus some dan brown's ;p

hoho...we all should live life like today is our last day~

peace and out ^_^

pray i die tmorrow ok...cos i'm already dead ;p


.amnesiac. said...

i see dead people....

schuzyy said...

really? xmo r kwn..satg jangkit..takot2~ ;p