Wednesday, September 23, 2009

salam raya..lagi ^_^


being a almost a-bad-girl..haha..went for hasnida's open house..then it was kinda like reU for 5 of we end up going back at 1.30am...and my mom welcome me with a lecture..haha..well..thank god she never knew how i was back then..hoho...shhuuuh~ :D

the reU was something that was waited by all of us since long..even it was not joined by ku but just 5 of us is also a,nad,banu,fiza and best friends when i was in asma..thank god i still have them my holiday in aloq staq would be even much was kinda quiet between me n nad since she got her relationship on..eda said i was overprotecting..true..some said i was jeolous..hmm..not sure..i should be happy for my best friend..isnt it? i am happy for her..but my own love life is not very stable i'm tryong hard to avoid listening to any love stories..cause i might give not-so-honest response...i'm happy for them truly..but deep inside...i wonder..what's wrong with me? how can't i be just like everyone else who can have someone to called their own..he called..but i either missed it as i always left my phone in the room...or i dont feel like i'm ready to talk..i wanted to say let just waite till u get back here..then we talk..i do trust u..since that's what bring us this far..i know u trust me..or trusted..i'm truly sorry for all i did and still do because i'm just letting our trust to play its role and let time decide what will happen to us and our future...kalo ada jodoh adalah..let Allah works His miracle..i will be waiting for u here...if u come back to me by then..alhamdullilah is the word i would say..

i'm not saying i believe in horoscope..reading is my here what it say today

You won't see it unless you've got a keen eye for details and subtle signals, but there is most definitely a major change coming your way -- and soon. Pay attention, and think of what you could accomplish over the next two weeks if you really put your mind to it.

Better grab power naps while you can. In two short weeks, you'll need all the energy you can muster. Oh, and vitamins wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

2 weeks? haha..i wiill be my test it is kinda true..hoho..and to my surprise..nothing bout love i guess..its the best to do for us~

ok..ainul said we'll be going back to bangi on friday instead of mama's lecture just now..felt like going back on thursday..but still i have mercy..hoh mercy think firday will be ok with her..feel sad..she told abah to cook udang sambal for me..huhu...dont want to go back..but test will be on tuesday..yet i havent open anything.. i'm fully unprepared! so going back bit earlier might begood for me..tuesday emf..week after the robogame thingy..haish..mmg cari pasal..xpe la..demi ita..hoho~

hmm..suddenly lost words..thats all for now..perot bdebar2 nih T_T

Allah please help me do the right things~

peace n out ^_^

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