Sunday, September 27, 2009

yey japg hujan!!


haish..i was back on friday...friday night i slept for 2 hours then facebooking till subuh then slept the whole day..then saturday night went out with ainul..then do emd..then karok sorg2 dlm bilik till subuh..haha...then slept till almost i'm blogging..haish haish and haish~

ok2..let's plan what to do today:
1)ZOHOR..hehe..bru kol 12 kot.procrastinator~
2) 2 lg..consist of 6 long long long long questions with answers to be copied right from the en chapman..yosh!
3)emf!! test on tuesday!! haish~ mn la tokbaknye email nih..kate nk antar last week..haish la tok bak~
4)hmm..what else? nk mandi lg ke? pg td b4 subuh dh dh japg ujan..sejuk..hmm..nk mandi ke xyah..xyah la~:D
5)xley tido sbb sok dh skolah..kalo tido takot mlm ni xley tido so kalo mlm ni xtido maka so pg nk xley tido sbb de klas..kalo nk tggu pas klas bru nk tido hmmm harapan harap2 ley la tongkat mata smpai mlm ni..yosh!
6)will stop my bebel even without voices..haha..boleh ke?
7)will stop stalking..haha..but those live at i6..please2..dont bersiap with ur windows open..u r making me stalk u without me realizing it..funny to see fellow gilrs getting ready..well i am a girl but i dont stand on my bed to see my entire with the wide opened window..lolz~

okies...almost 1pm..better stop now..think change my mind..mandi2...panas lak..cepat2...b4 azan zohor..kang en syaiton join skali~

peace n out ^_^

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