Wednesday, September 30, 2009

numec week~


yesterday was a disaster day but it ended so well..^_^ emf test was not so good as i mistake~ right after the test me n mia(goda by me ^_^) joined idalia n k azua 2nd karok session!! hehe..3 hours! gosh! i was shy few moments then when got the feel..haha.only god knows..shocked myself! cant believe i did sang infront of other human..haha..(b4 this just cats listen to my singing..haha..lucky none got hurt *wink2*

then robogamez meeting alsa was a session of "sape xde keje?" haha..funny...but i was bit extra energetic last reason..but maybe because i felt not few friends..ita,fatehah,syima,yuva, jiaying,rueben hadi topek. haha..thats all i few new faces i smiled to..haha..i am getting weirder by day but trying not to like much *wink2..again~~

today: i was all excited to go to class..still not knowing why..with my baju raya lg..haha..funny..why am i so excited? got class only at 11am but i went to coe at 8.30am..then revised some numec..then emf at 11am which got cancelled then wait with idalia then islamic studies at masjid..went with farah..hoho..miza got new kelisa! great news! the another assignment for islamic studies..might be doing something on marriage..haha..more kontrobesi miza said~ it~

so here's list of things to do before finals~
1)pay hostel n no eating outside *haish..anyone want to donate rm700 to me?
2)assignment: islamic and emf
3)projects: hibrid cars for emd
fish feeder for numec
health n food for msian studies..
4)study study study..1st priority is emd..then numec..then emf..ikal..those need last minute studies(reading subject maa.. ;p) any target? huhu..sadly cant say~

so thats all..4 crucial killing tasks that i need to do bfore finals that going to start on 27 oct 2009~

wish me luck~

peace n out ^_^

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