Monday, September 28, 2009

the battle has begin!


ok..not much to say..felt the tense of exams 2 test this week..gosh.i though 2nd of oct will be next here's the battle~

1)emf-29/9 2pm
2)numec-2/10 5pm

final..well it still draft but i'm praying hard it will stick this way so that none will be cramped in a day..cos i'll just die if they did~

tue 27/10- msian studies 9am
fri 30/10 -islamic studies 9am
sun 1/11 -numec 2.30pm
wed 4/11 emf 9am
fri 6/11 emd 9am

result will be out on 25 november 2009!!! arrrrgggggghhhh~

so frens..please please please pray for me ok...this sem is getting tougher by day..and i'm so scared~

peace n out T_T


Anonymous said...

oit jadual final yg dah final dah kua la

schuzyy said...

hoho..same!! sepah2..sempat la nk study :D