Monday, September 7, 2009

living ordinary life~


the title sound bad isnt it? haha..the truth is..i am just my ordinary life..weekdays go to classes...skip few boring classes..haha..trying to make a full attandance this week...feel the connection with emd..emf..loving tokbak for giving me the extra marks..haha..the main reason is..i'm going back on thursday means i'm going to miss masjid and friday emf..sorry tokbak..need to spend this weekend at weekend before raya..not so happy because going to have another test the week group going to set a booth at upten for everyone who read this please come..we are selling selendang and muffins. nothing much but hope all will be fine..situation is still under control now..hehe

last 2 days was another good quality time spend with friends and their boyfriends..haha..funny..saturday with eda n rijal..yes..again..and again to jln tar and sogo..haha..and sunday with shida and din..and yes..i do enjoy both those thinking afterwards..i still think that Allah wanted me to learn something from them..thanx eda and shida..u both did brighten my days..felt more happier than before..:D

so now..i'm looking forward..ignoring anything not so i hope time will go by fast~

its already the 18th day fasting..thursday will be the starting point of the last 10days of ramadhan which each and every muslim would want to spend time with solat and ibadah..hopefully i can this year.insyallah~

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