Thursday, September 10, 2009



penantian satu penyiksaan..yes indeed..waiting for 7.55 to come..haish..not that i cant wait to go balik kampong but just the fact that i dont like waiting...lucky they have wi-fi here at klia..huhu...wait..wait...wait..just now in erl met this girl..she's flying to uk next month..gosh..lucky her...i remember my time when at this moment i'm just too sad to se they all fly but me..hha..who ask me to play too hard..its ok..i'm trying hard not to let history repeat itself...trying very hard...

headache2...dont know why...hope not virus from kakak..hehe..thanx kakak for sending me to erl..what would i do without u! :D

today..nothing happened..ordinary day as usual xcept for this new experience..gosh..this is my first time with mas alone! alone! alone! gosh..kinda scary..but what should be scared of rite? :D

oh..what a waste of yesterday...its supposed to be sumthing..its 090909 isnt it? waste2~

stil no progress over there~

ok..thats all...battery is almost half..hope i can find socket later..where should i lepak? now i'm lepakking in surau...lucky i saw that girl with her lappie..hehe~

peace n out! ^_^

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