Wednesday, September 9, 2009

bazar ramadan a blast!!


just came back from we held a booth there for islb123 was tiring but i do enjoy every moment of nice..what make all of us all happy in the end was because we make rm61+3.50 profit!! congrats girls!! mind the rm3.50? was just because we wanted to be the best contributor of the day...the highest was rm64 so we decided we can just win by 50cent..haha..hopefully we won the hamper..haha..'ll be going home tmorrow..alone..haish...bit scared..dont know why..hope averything will be fine..

today..i learn that friends do can make us happy..

today..i wonder..why should i still wait..why should i stay even when i didnt feel the happiness anymore...why should i still love him even when he didnt show it anymore..i dont show because for for me is too sacred to be shown before everything will come after that..but now..i'm just not sure..after last night...i wonder..can i still hold this? because u didnt seem to be interested anymore..the sparks is on and off..and now that u didnt call me anymore..its getting worse i think...not sure why..u didnt tell me why..the way u keeping everything to urself is making me wonder more and more..r u testing me? well since 2006 till now..i think u have given me enough test to tell that i'm faithful enough..its not that i dont trust u..but i think u seem to ignore me too much that make me think u dont need me anymore~

ok..back to being myself...haha..saw AKyP again..but didnt felt a thing untill they were calling my names..even my full name..haha..funny...and then i just ran away with ita...gosh i cant stand that...embarassed! i'm a shy girl remember..they said i should have talk to him..this is the chance..but i just couldnt..that just not me..i cant~

i'm just a flower waiting for one to pick me or else i better of dry and drop down onto the ground~

tmorrow..still thinking..should i ask eda to sent me to serdang then i take komuter to central and take the erl..or ktm till tasik selatan then off to klia...or pitrajaya but risk being sesat..haish..really make me pening~

ok..think thats enough for one night...will call it a day now..nite2 everyone..salam~

could i just die now, fake smiles and happiness wont work everytime~

peace n out ^_^

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