Saturday, October 3, 2009

still in dat mode~


gosh! robogamez! it was nice..our job just to give out playcard(pelikat..haha~)..basically..playcard is the card those participants need b4 ebtering the game friday n today..we met all the participants..hoho..superb! i even met cikgu wan of maresmart! she was my physics teacher! god i missed her..she was the reason i decided to take nuclear energy in the first seem her dream still havent come true..sori master will lead to nuke insyallah! oh..n yeah..i got few admirers..haha..ita la ckp..hoho..perasan..but tomorrow is the last its enjoy weekend then next week onward need to give full throttle! finals on 27th! huhu~

hearttache cleared..i supposed..senyap tanda stuju i supposed..if not then more us..huhu..sad but what can i do..its my choice then its his to approve it or not..guess he made his own guess here i go by my own again..terlintas td maybe i wont get married ever kot..dh kalo trauma camnenye kan? *sigh~

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