Saturday, January 23, 2010

what a day~


sorry..its been a while since my last entry..i am having such a terrible mood swing these few days..i felt so angry sad and avoid me talking rubbish i didnt do any entry~

so today..since its the worst day ever..i like to say something la..last day in uniten for this month..going back tonight..this morning till 4pm i went to cidb course..but this whole day i dont feel well.. diarrhea all day..even now my tummy is making thunder..gosh..head spinning..i havent eat anything but bread today..mood swing still and everyone is acting cold..what a day..went for laundry and money stuck in the laundry today cost me rm5 instead of 3..dugaan2..hope tomorrow will be better..or is it the last day for me? haha..ok..dark words again..shahida told me not to give up on life..baek! i wont..erm.i'll try! haha..not like i'm dying from any disease..just that i this sem felt so bad..the whole sem..even its only half way..what i expect didnt turn out what should i do? go with the flow sound's good?

ok..that all for today..from lonely and unfortunate me

peace n out ^_^

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