Wednesday, January 20, 2010



morning to all..happyg morning!! hope today will be as good as yesterday. i got test today, pom but god knows why am i so lazy to study. maybe the fact that kakak say he wont mind us looking at books..haha..bad me..why is happening to me? i can now simply selambe do bad things..which always surprise me when it's done..haish..wat tekejut konon..kono xcaye la kan dh terbuat jahat.haish again~

yes, yesterday was such a good day. tuesday was a 4 hours class but lab cancelled again(actually lab is to be continued after the sem break only that only we didnt know bout it..huhu..kejam sungguh org2 itu..ala..sp soh xmo tanya sir awal2..haha..ok..then me n kakak had breakfast at upten..i had nasi..huhu..but not so much..since tropik's lauk was so salty and i only had a few mouthful and finish the chicken..nyum2..felt like years i havent had chicken...huhu..miss kfc..then we went to the pc fair here in is not big but i found things that i wanted to buy..but since its already mid month so i bought keyboard cover and baju for my external hard disk..nice2..both cost me only rm 13..haha..wanted to buy the bag and the mouse..thought it was expensive there but since alya said rm40 for a wireless mouse is cheap so i would rethink ;p

then..biggest thing happened yesterday was the mock was kinda like my 1st interview..but come to think of it 1st was when i interviewed for prs by a board of seniors MT..haha..which i know k onny from..hehe..then MARA interview then the UTP interview then petronas(well thats not so formal) so this interview was the it was by the i was not so serious bout it..they ask then i answer but since i know they were from jobDB which held a talk bout CV writing my question for them basically on did i wrote a good resume..haha..and they say it was good enough..they like my surprise they say my qualification is very good..haha..very funny la u wasnt that good it i were to work with schlumberger..huhu..they say since i have the testdaf i should try applying schlumberger for my internship..i wanted to but hen i told mama bout it..mama say xyah la..dh dpt kn tnb tu..blk duk umah je la..huhu..why i felt this is will be a problem later on..lucky abah say go on..try la apply..yey! sayang abah! oh..and what i can conclude from yesterday's english is getting worse! can i improve on this? huhuhu..

the title?haha..almost forgot..i know i had no fear of human far my biggest fear is ghost..haha..and i hate dark because i know there's ghost..haha..oh and fear of Allah of cos.

You Are Unique Because You're Bold
Unlike most people, you're willing to say or do whatever you feel like.
You don't try to go along to get along. If you think you're right, you'll hold your ground.

You are rare in that you are completely fearless. No one intimidates you.
Like a snowflake, you follow your own path. You fly solo, and you like it that way!

oh2..ok..i already feel the tense..(just had my nescafe *wink2*) so ok la..till next post

peace n out ^_^

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