Friday, January 29, 2010

it still hurt~


as i said is tiring house..oh mama..please get some help..this cant be done by us 3..huhu..

hurt: yes i read the blog again..since there is not a bit of hurt me..ok..i am being what..girls love if they are do i..even tho i always say i'm half..haha..its just me saying..just to hide the soft part of me..i hate to be seen soft and helpless..because i know i am..even tho i try hard to hide it deep down..i always wanted to be tough and independent..i know i need to be one~

haha..what has got into me? being emo all this while..haha..oh whateve~ tv1 again today cos remote still in front..and there's this program called "apa kata wanita" and the topic is andalusia which stand for anak dara lanjut usia..haha..nice upgrade from andartu (anak dara tua rite? ;p) haha..what got my attention is she said the age of andalusia is upgraded from 25 to 30..lucky they upgrade or else..i would be called andalusia next year..hahaha..the artist guess was haliza misbun and i love it when she say she is not at all disturb when being called andalusia cos she know she live better alone..she's happier alone..that make me thinking..she's an artist..a am just ordinary girl from ordinary place with mouths around that cant stop talking..can i ignore when they start talking bout me? can i ignore them like haliza misbun did?

ok..think now? nope...azy u got 1 and half year to finish before graduating so... focus!!!

anyone like vin diesel around and single? please let me know...i need u~ :D

peace n out ^_^

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