Sunday, January 17, 2010

puasa nasi minggu ni~

salam~ the title say..i wont be eating rice this week..gosh..gain almost 2 kg in 1 just 2 days..huhu..gosh..i hate weekend..see what prosperity sushi and nasi ayam can do to me..huhu..gosh again..the doctor say i need to rest from doing no JM..ala..its been months since i last do JM..haish..lazy me.but still i 'bangau-ed' the ice-skating incident ;p

oho..there's hot story in uniten..since its already out in newspaper so here i put the link..its kinda embarrassing and sad..what has youngsters today become? is this what uni student supposed to do? ok..i'm referring to the 'thing' they did in the car..we are not americans..we are not even aussies to do this things..if u say why can't we do those things..ask urself..are u a Muslim? then u'll know why~ about sushi..i sometimes forgot i am still in Malaysia..because there are too many or foreigners working around us..i thought we are 1Malaysia but seems that we are 1World here..we can find all nationals here..last 2 days i went to alamanda (yes..i went there on saturday and sunday..told u alamanda now felt like a kedai runcit to spare the nice clothes for going to somewhere else) ok..i went there with ita on saturday..went for movie and since my sayang(shida ^_^) make me craving i went for sushi..that was dinner since i already had prosperity for i went there..not so many customers..yey! it was my 1st time buying sushi there so i dont really know how..then i stood there..looking at each waiter..then none i go to the counter..i waited for the cashier to finish with his other customers..ok la..then tired of waiting..seems that everyone is waiting for dont know i sat first..then when a waiter came..i asked him how do i order for take-away..then he just smiled..he showed the menu..oh..ok..then i look at the menu..then i wait again..i thought he would come again..but nope..he i ask the cashier..actually how do i order for take away? then he say..duduk2..there's the menu..haihs..again the menu..then after bout 4min he came with the order form..then i waited again..another 10 min kot..then a malay guy came in..thank God i'm still in Malaysia..then he asked..dah order ke? i said..dah..dah lama gileee! haha..take it! he went for the sushi counter..omg! to my surprise my order was long ready! and yet he made us waited! omg!! then the cashier took merely 2 mins just to tape-close the sushi case.OMG! so slow!! i cant believe i can be that mad just for the sake of having sushi!! lucky him i was craving for those if not i would walk out the moment the first guy ignored me! people! if u are thinking of ordering sushi at alamanda..think again if u see only banglas and myanmar working! sorry..dont mean hate u..but after this, i would definitely go for those by my time and anger! ok..done with the story telling~ *relief*

next big thing i want to point out today..hehe..think shida would love this..rite sayang? ;p la~

peace n out ^_^

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