Thursday, January 28, 2010

a day older~


usually..when February is approaching..i would be extra excited..telling everyone that my birthday is coming..making count downs..etc..haha..but this year..24 seems too old to be doing all i decided to be silent..thinking of hiding my birth date on fb..but dont think it would do any leave it there..wont do any harm~

yesterday..after i found out friends are getting married..some are already married..some already have kids..make me feel 24 supposed to be my turning point..from adult mind is filled with these thoughts..not sure why am i so disturbed when thinking bout being 24..gosh i hate this number!

today mama said sumthing that really made my heart gugur..azy..tu boifren azy kt depan tu..p la tgk..i was like..who? in my mind..xkan **** datang? yuva ke dtg? watpe la plk..kalo sape2 pon camne mama ley tau? mama bru kuar bilik..xkn abah gne interkom kot? after 3 times i ask..sapa? then mama said..haha..azmi la..haha..lega..azmi is staying near our house..he came today to borrow tangga for something..since he moved in 2 months ago..mama keep on promoting him..rajin g surau la..cerah la..keje tnb klantan la..muka cam dafi la..aish..mama ni saje je tau.. but i cant find the courage to look at him..i was at the kitchen..and it is quite far to see who is who when they are standing at the front gate..haha..but i know he saw me cak2 him..hahaha..apala azy! get real la..haha..ok i'm blushing ^_^

tomorrow: i think tomorow going to be a super tiring day..need to clear the whole house..the whole house is filled with debu ..they fixed the doors so less danger..but more work for me..4 days sleeping without those doors..still i slept soundly like there's nothing to worry about..haha..told u i dont fear anything..except ghost..and Allah..if Allah say today thief will come..come la..there's nothing to curi one in right mind would keep money under their pillow la wey..go rob bank..there all the money is :D oh..i didnt say what are we doing with the house yet isnt it? we bought the house next its now semi-D turned bungalow..wuwuuu..bigger means more house chores..wuwuuu..the plan is to make the no 43 as anyone coming to kedah..u can stay at my house..for friends..the rate will be less la kan..kawan2 cincai kira ^_^ but i know..the real plan is..easier for my wedding..haha..perasan..its 8 rooms 5 toilets 3 kitchens OMG..cant believe these numbers..huhu..and that is why mama want me to do practical at Tnb alor that i can help with the cleaning..gosh..huhu..

hmm..its already thursday..i havent start with the report..luckily i don't have much work..i think..why oh why 1 week seems so short! it's true isn't it when the end of day is approaching..time seems too fast to catch~

i told mama what i want for my birthday this year..haha..hope she would remember next time i'm back..kekeke..a promise is a promise..i thought i would want a earlier present but seems the renovation consume tolerate la a bit..i'm a good girl isn't it ^_^

ok..hope mood swing end today..hope next week would be better..positive2! i know next week i would be quite busy with assignments and test 2..haihs...ok azy..jgn mengeluh~

today's song: jangan bimbang sayang..di manaku berada..ku tetap kau yang punya ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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