Saturday, January 16, 2010



i spent my night alone last night..and alone means no companies no internet..totally no interaction with any human..just me my bed and pc..haha..mbuang masa ngn jayanya selama 2 1-hour trials play then uninstall..haha..then feeling guilt..having 6 unfinished assignments got 2 test and a quiz next week..then i can headed back to loqstaq..haish..long long long journey~

oh..counter exceed 300! thanx all for visiting!! sometimes i felt shy thinking that there's is someone reading my thoughts..u kinda like edward cullen..but i'm the one telling..thanks again!! this is quite a big number to me cause i dont really publish it like most do when they have new i said..i shy2 laa ;p

i deleted last post cause i cant help feeling bad each time i read it..hehe~

so today, later around 11 maybe..need to go to kajang and buy tickets to go back on 23rd night..will go back with jiaying..seems so long since i went back with someone..usually i went back alone that i would ask for single that i can sleep the entire 6 hours...haha..heaven..then amik ita then we'r going to alamanda for movie maybe..its been so long since i last met ita..haha..2 weeks i think..funny rite..same uni but never bump into her at all in this 2 weeks..gosh~

oh..bit sadness..mama ask again last nite..and i said to her..its she can start to look for another candidate cause i dont think i can do it this 23 years..i failed to get maybe there's none for me..maybe it is my destiny to live alone..single and live independently like this..having mama n abah and friends..i cant be soft to guys..tendency to be equal is so maybe thats why guys dont find me i care? this is it or leave~ i am sad for this but well.i know Allah has plans for me..just maybe not now..sabar azy sabar~


peace n out~

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